Student Feedback

Southern Cross University has a number of surveys to seek feedback from students and graduates. The results of these surveys help the University to know what is important to students, what the University does well and what needs improvement.

We are grateful to all students who take the time to respond to these surveys.

Annual Timetable for Key Surveys of Students and Graduates

Wherever possible other surveys are conducted so not to overlap with these time periods, especially where the same group of students are being surveyed.

Survey TitleTarget GroupFrequency and Timing
Unit Feedback Survey All students enrolled in coursework units Each Session and Study Period in the last week of classes and through exams
Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS) All (onshore) graduates Annually in February, May and November
Student Experience Survey A random sample of current first and final year students (undergraduate and postgraduate) Annually in August
New to SCU All first year (under graduate) students Annually in April/May
International Student Barometer All onshore international students Bi-annually in May/June
Honours Course Evaluation All honours students Annually in November


Enquiries? Email unitfeedback@scu.edu.au