Unit Feedback Survey

Unit Feedback Survey

Each teaching period students have the opportunity to provide feedback on the delivery and teaching in their units. The online system ensures that all feedback is anonymous and confidential.

Regular monitoring of this unit feedback is a core aspect of the University's quality assurance framework. The survey sample is all students enrolled in coursework units in the relevant teaching period, including students enrolled in units delivered by our partners at domestic and offshore locations. For each question, students are asked to rank the response using a five-point Likert scale ranging from Strongly Disagree through to Strongly Agree. Students also have the opportunity to include comments for each question.

The survey privacy notice can be found here: Southern Cross University Unit Feedback Privacy Notice.

The survey is run each Term excluding dual terms and tri terms. 

At Southern Cross University we value respectful feedback. Your respectful feedback on these surveys will help us deliver high quality units and teaching. We are committed to the well-being of our staff and students. Please remember that you are required under the Students Rights and Responsibilities Charter to communicate respectfully. Disrespectful feedback may include commenting on a teacher’s looks, race, gender, sexual orientation, accent, dressing, disability or age. Language that is abusive, such as name calling or swearing, go against our principle of respect at SCU and is unacceptable.

High-level summary reports are available here

For more information have a look at either the Staff FAQs or the Student FAQs.

2024 Key Dates

Teaching Period Survey Period Feedback and Performance Reports Available
Summer Term 12 – 27 February 6 March
Term 1 08 – 23 April 1 May
Term 2 03 – 18 June 26 June
Term 3 05 – 20 August 28 August
Term 4 30 Sep – 15 Oct 23 October
Term 5 02 – 17 December 07 January 2025