Appraising SCU records for archiving or destruction

Appraising SCU records for archiving or destruction

Appraisal is the process of evaluating an organisation's activities to determine which records need to be created and captured into recordkeeping systems and how long the records need to be kept in order to meet business needs, the requirements of organisational accountability, and community expectations.

You need approval to dispose of most records, regardless of format. There are exceptions for duplicates, ephemeral or facilitative records, and some drafts or working papers. The Corporate Records Unit can help you in determining whether records disposal is appropriate and lawful. See the SCU Appraisal procedures for an overview

Step 1

Ensure you have the correct archive boxes. Contact Property Services for archive boxes.

Step 2

You may need to refer to the relevant State Records General Disposal Authority (GA). The GAs specify retention periods for various records. The retention period will vary depending on the activity to which the record relates.

Step 3

Download the Appraisal form and complete as follows:

  • Location: Name of Faculty or Unit
  • Box No.:  This number should carry on from the last number that was used for archiving.
  • Description of Records: Description should be representative of contents (e.g. Completed Students - Student Files A - Z)
  • Date range: Earliest date to recent date or year if batched in years rather than dates.
  • General Authority (GA) Ref No: Refer to GA (e.g. GA47:1.1.1)
  • General Authority Description of Record:  Information for this field can be found in the GA itself (e.g. Records relating to the admission, enrolment and subsequent progress of students. Includes show cause for progression purposes, special considerations affecting enrolment and progression, variations of program, advanced standing, withdrawals, etc).
  • General Authority Disposal action: This is information regarding the retention period, i.e. how long you need to keep a record for before it can be destroyed (e.g. retain for a minimum of 7 years after completion or discontinuation of course or program of study by student, then destroy).
    **Sometimes a record/file can be linked to more than one GA. When this occurs, use the GA with the longest retention period. For example, if one GA says retain for 5 years and another says retain for 7 years, use the GA which references 7 years.
  • Destruction date / State Archives: Destruction date (as per GA) (the day and month used is the 31/12/XXXX then the year of destruction) OR if records are to be kept forever, insert SA (State Archives).
  • Forward email: the email is to contain the following information:
    • How many boxes are to be collected
    • Location
    • Contact person and extension number
    • Attached completed Appraisal form
    • Send to [email protected]

Work Units should also keep documentation of what has been sent over to Records. This will be helpful if you need a document retrieved, then you are able to inform us as to what Box it is in as well as other relevant information if required.

 Once approved the Corporate Records Unit will put in an Archibus to have the boxes collected.