Appraising SCU records for archiving or destruction

Appraisal is the process of evaluating an organisation's activities to determine which records need to be created and captured into recordkeeping systems and how long the records need to be kept in order to meet business needs, the requirements of organisational accountability, and community expectations.

You need approval to dispose of most records, regardless of format. There are exceptions for duplicates, ephemeral or facilitative records, and some drafts or working papers. The Corporate Records Unit can help you in determining whether records disposal is appropriate and lawful. See the SCU Appraisal procedures for an overview

Step 1

Ensure you have the correct archive boxes. Contact Property Services for archive boxes.

Step 2

You may need to refer to the relevant State Records General Disposal Authority (GA). The GAs specify retention periods for various records. The retention period will vary depending on the activity to which the record relates.

Step 3

Download the Appraisal form and complete as follows:

  • Location: Name of School or Unit
  • Box No.: Write this number on the inside of your box; do not write it on the outside of the box.
  • File title: Title should be representative of record context as well as content.
  • Date range: Earliest date to recent date.
  • GDA Ref: Refer to GAs (e.g. 28:7.1.1)
  • Description of record: Information for this field can be found in the GAs (e.g. records documenting the organisation's transactions. Includes revenue, expenditure, debt recovery and deposits).
  • Disposal action: The information regarding retention period, i.e. how long you need to keep record before you can destroy or archive (e.g. retain for a minimum of 7 years after end of financial year in which transaction was completed, then destroy).
  • Destruction date / SA: Destruction date (as per GA) OR if records are to be kept, insert SA (State Archives).
  • Forward email: send an email with the following information:
    • Number of boxes
    • Location
    • Contact person and contact number
    • Attached appraisal form

Once completed, forward the form to the Records Unit - records@scu.edu.au
Please note that boxes will not be collected unless the request comes from CRU.