Domestic and family violence support

It is a basic human right for everyone to feel safe and not be subjected to any form of abuse or violence, whether they live alone or in a relationship with another person. The University is committed to supporting staff experiencing domestic and family violence to continue to participate in the workplace and maintain their employment, ensuring at the same time that strict confidentiality and privacy is maintained. 

If you are experiencing domestic and family violence (including physical, sexual, financial, verbal or emotional abuse by an immediate family member) or know someone who is, there are many organisations and services providing help. Here are some links you may find useful:

Immediate crisis response

Police and Ambulance: 000
On campus – Freecall from any campus phone 1800004357

University support services for employees

The University is committed to providing confidential support to employees experiencing domestic violence in their personal lives. SCU employees may access:

1. Employee assistance program (EAP)

EAP provides current employees and their immediate families with access to professionally qualified and experienced psychologists. The University will meet the cost of four confidential counselling sessions with provision for an additional two sessions on request.

Appointments are available via telephone, face-to-face, Skype or eCounselling.

To arrange and appointment or for further information about the program, please contact Assure Programs on 1800 808 374 (this is a 24 hour service) or visit to request an appointment.

Further information and contact details are available on the employee assistance program webpage.

2. Confidential contact person

The issue of domestic violence may be difficult to discuss with supervisors. Confidential support is available through HR Services.

Ruby Dimmick, HR Manager is our dedicated contact person. She is able to provide advice on the assistance offered by SCU and help employees access support services. If requested by an employee, Ruby will liaise with the employee's supervisor on their behalf. Ruby can be contacted on:

Telephone: (02) 6626 9283
Email: [email protected]

3. SCU Clinic

The SCU Clinic offers a full range of general practitioner and mental health services at Lismore campus for students, employees and their immediate families. For details and appointments contact:

T: +61 2 6626 9131
E: [email protected]
W: SCU Health Clinic

4. Domestic and family violence leave

  • Full-time employees are entitled to 15 days domestic and family violence leave per annum.
  • Part-time employees are entitled to domestic and family violence leave on a pro-rata basis.
  • Casual employees are entitled to five days unpaid domestic and family violence leave.

Domestic and family violence leave does not accrue from year to year.

An employee who has exhausted their entitlement to domestic and family violence leave may access available personal leave or carers leave as additional domestic and family violence leave. 

The University may request evidence to support an application for domestic and family violence leave. Evidence can be in the form of an agreed document issued by the Police, a Court, a doctor, a domestic violence support service or lawyer, or other appropriate document.

5. Flexible work arrangements and prioritising safety

In order to provide support to an employee experiencing domestic or family violence and to provide a safe work environment to all employees, the University will support all reasonable requests for:

  • flexible work arrangements including changes to span of hours or pattern of hours and/or shift patterns;
  • job redesign or change to duties;
  • relocation to suitable employment within the University;
  • a change to telephone number or email address to avoid harassing conduct;
  • removal of contact details from public access, including the website; and
  • any other appropriate measure including those available under existing provisions for family friendly and flexible work arrangements.

Options should be discussed with your supervisor or HR Business Partner in the first instance.

University support services for students

Students who experience domestic or family violence please refer to the following webpage for information and support available:

Domestic and family violence - students