Leadership & Management

Developing our personal and professional leadership approach is an enduring and highly individual journey.

Attracting, retaining and growing strong leaders at Southern Cross University is critical to fostering our culture of performance.

Strong leaders raise the capability of our staff by continuously developing both themselves and others. They also provide the impetus for creating a culture where learning, self-awareness and self-management are valued and visible in all that we do.

True leaders are experts in giving and receiving feedback and helping others to improve through coaching and mentoring.

To help our leaders be their best, a Leadership Capability Framework (LCF) has been developed, specially tailored to SCU needs. It provides a shared understanding of what leadership means at SCU, identifies the expectations of our leaders, and provides a career development pathway for those who aspire to be leaders. Support resources are available on the Leadership Capability Framework webpage.

In addition to the LCF, Southern Cross University has in place a suite of programs and courses to support any employee is in a supervisor position.

Professional management development programs are also offered by a range of external providers. You can discuss with your manager your particular development needs, professional learning preferences and possible courses, workshops or training programs that may support you.

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