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Southern Cross University staff and students can enjoy unlimited digital access to the Gold Coast Bulletin, The Australian and The Daily Telegraph.

Access to this content will help you to stay up-to-date with the latest local and national news, as well as insight and commentary on the issues relevant to many fields of study from some of Australia’s most respected journalists.

Your complimentary digital subscription gives you:

  • Unrestricted digital access to the Gold Coast Bulletin, The Australian and News Corp Australia’s metro publications including The Daily Telegraph, The Courier-Mail, Herald Sun and The Advertiser. Access also includes local news from Lismore via the Northern Star as well as Coffs Coast Advocate
  • Access to each masthead's app for the latest news on the go.
  • Access to the digital print edition of the day’s newspaper.
  • Editorial newsletters via email for updates throughout the day.
  • Custom curated monthly newsletter for Southern Cross subscribers from The Australian.

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Set up in two simple steps (no payment required)

1. Log into Blackboard (MySCU) and access the News Corp Subscription offer.

Please note: You must be on the Southern Cross network to activate. Access to the Gold Coast Bulletin and The Australian is immediate.

2. Use your SCU email address to activate.