Open Access Information

Open Access Information

Under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (NSW) the University is required to publish open access information on its website, unless to do so would impose unreasonable costs. It can also be made available in any other way provided at least one of the ways open access information is made publicly available is free of charge.

Open access information includes:

  • Policy documents;
  • An Agency Information Guide;
  • A Register of Government Contracts;
  • A Disclosure Log of the basic details of information that we believe is likely to be of public interest that has been released in response to formal access applications;
  • The University's record of open access information that it does not make publicly available on the basis of an overriding public interest against disclosure*; and
  • Information about the University contained in any document tabled in Parliament by or on behalf of the University (other than any document tabled by order of either House of Parliament. See the University's Publications tab for further information.

*The University does not currently withhold any Open Access Information from publication.

Detailed information regarding the University's obligations under the GIPA Act and accessing information

If you have a question in relation to accessing SCU information, please contact the Legal Office:

t: +61 2 6620 3465
f: +61 2 6626 9125

Information Access Officer
SCU Legal Office
Southern Cross University
PO Box 157