Provide Supporting Documents

Unless your previous learning was completed at Southern Cross University, you must provide evidence to prove you already have the knowledge and skills to meet the learning outcome requirements of units (subjects) within the course.

The term evidence applies to any supporting documents submitted with an application to verify your prior learning.

Studied VET? Give access to your USI VET Transcript

To access Commonwealth funding (such as HECS-HELP) you need to provide your Unique Student Identifier (USI).

If you have undertaken Vocational Training and Education (VET) with an Australian Registered Training Organisation (RTO) such as TAFE, you can provide your USI account or VET Transcript to verify your training records for University entry and/or credit.

Actions you can permit include:

You can search for your USI in the USI Student Portal. The PDF VET Transcript can be shared electronically (via email or uploaded with your application). It can also be printed and provided as a hardcopy.

Verification of documents

Verifying USIs and VET transcripts

The University is required to verify USIs in accordance with section 14 of the Student Identifiers Act 2014. At the bottom of the VET Transcript the following online verification details are included:

  • a unique UR link with an alpha-numeric document number to securely view an online VET Transcript; and
  • the date the downloaded VET Transcript will expire.

Verification must take place before the expiry date you have selected.

Verifying other documents

Please make original documents available as they may need to be viewed. Southern Cross University prohibits fraudulent documents and may check any document submitted to reasonably determine that:

  • it is unaltered from the original, complete and authentic (are not tampered with, false or counterfeit);
  • the issuing authority is a real entity and lawfully registered and accredited to issue the document;
  • the document was lawfully issued to you on the said date and was not obtained as a result of a false or misleading statement; and
  • a document written in a language other than English has been accurately and completely translated into English.

If fraudulent documents are discovered, action such as withdrawal of an offer for a course, termination of enrolment or rescinding of credit may occur. Staff must report incidents or suspected incidents of fraud, either through internal mechanisms or to the relevant external body, in accordance with the University's Public Interest Disclosures Policy.