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Teaching dates

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Application dates

The closing dates for applications to the University are listed below. For cross-institutional study closing dates see cross-institutional study page.

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Online application closing dates 2023

Study Period
Closing Date (Domestic)
Last day to enrol
Summer Term (commences 9 January) 28-December-2022 11-January-2023
Term 1 (commences 6 March) 01-March-2023 08-March-2023
Term 2 (commences 1 May) 26-April-2023 03-May-2023
Term 3 (commences 3 July) 28-June-2023 05-July-2023
Term 4 (commences 28 August) 23-August-2023 30-August-2023
Term 5 (commence 30 October) 25-October-2023 01-November-2023