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Short term program in 2023

Intercultural Communication for Business and Tourism in Singapore

This year, the faculty took a group of 18 students to a program in Singapore. This program is funded by DFAT, each student received a grant of $2000 AUD. SCU students collaborated with faculty and students from Singapore Institute of Technology, where they facilitated a joint learning session. The students from both institutions bonded well and enjoyed a group outing to Universal World. The session at SIT was a memorable experience for our SCU students and strengthened the partnership between SCU and SIT. The Mobility Project also included visits to various hospitality enterprises, language classes, historical tours and rural businesses. These activities enabled the students to appreciate the diverse aspects of Singapore, beyond its urban core. They learned about its social and cultural dimensions as well.  

The students' feedback reflects the success of these initiatives, with an impressive 80% expressing extreme satisfaction with the programs. Here's a glimpse into their sentiments and a short video to share. 

“This trip was a once in a lifetime opportunity that Ingot to be apart of and I am so thankful and appreciative for having such an amazing two weeks in another country. I would not have wished for it to go any other way.  It is important for this generation to experience different cultures, explore different parts of the world and come together forming new connections. This trip was the perfect way to do this at an inexpensive cost and pre planned activities to create ease and convenience” Amelia Norris

“During the entire trip I was feeling nothing but happiness essentially it was all smiles and laughs and good vibes. Everyone was friendly with each other and connected and just generally enjoyed each other’s company. The activities were all engaging and interesting in which I learnt a great deal during each interaction with industry professionals. I believe others were feeling the same as well I believe they all enjoyed the experiences we shared. I remember speaking to a few of my friends after each activity about what we each thought about the person and the hotel we visited, and we seemed to all share similar views. After experiencing the tour, I feel it’s an amazing opportunity and encourage all students that are able to go to really take advantage of it as its truly one I’ll never forget”. Aiden Baksmati

“I believe that this trip was extremely beneficial to my learning experience as well as my career. I found myself referring to the Business communication modules when there where cultural barriers as well as networking through social media. During my time on the NCP study trip to Singapore I have created some awesome friendships and networks that I am grateful for. I have valued from the trip through the customer service I have witnessed in Singapore and applied it to my day-to-day job, as well as back of house initiative’s that I will be starting soon in my own workplace” Charlotte Cooper.