Short term programs – Apply


  1. Research the locations you wish to travel and study at. This includes thinking about your academic and personal goals for an international experience and the support you will need whilst you are abroad.  Refer to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for more information about visa and travel advice.
  2. Research the best experience that fits with your studies. we have suggested some international experiences relevant to each faculty below. Please note there are more opportunities available if these are not of interest. Please get in touch at [email protected].


  1. To be eligible for an international outbound exchange you must be a current Southern Cross University student who has successfully completed eight units of study, prior to commencing exchange.
  2. Choose from our Exchange Partner Institutions to find out which institution best fits the subjects in your current study plan.
  3. Complete the International Exchange Enquiry form to register your interest.
  4. Contact your Faculty's Student Advice Team (SAT). This team manages all Faculty enquiries and will work with you to complete the Exchange Course Credit Transfer.

It is essential you follow these steps before progressing to the next stage.


  1. SCU International will contact the nominated students who can then apply using the online application via My Enrolment. Make sure you have all necessary documents ready to complete your application.
  2. Advise SCU International once your application is completed.


  1. SCU International will contact you once your application has been reviewed.  Any applicable grants or loans will be processed at this time.
  2. Students will be sent confirmation and asked to complete a mandatory pre-departure questionnaire before attending the pre-departure session.
  3. Information regarding flights, insurance and visas will be discussed at this meeting along with academic and other expectations.