Special Consideration

At Southern Cross university, we acknowledge that events can occur in a student’s life which may require them to seek extension to an assessment task due date, by making an application for Special Consideration.

The Special Consideration policy and process aims to make the application, approval and finalisation of requests, straightforward and efficient for both students and staff. This page provides information to Unit Assessors and Course Coordinators responsible for acting on and monitoring student requests for Special Consideration.

  • Receive notifications of Special Consideration requests that are either automatically approved by the system or reviewed and approved by Client Services
  • For tasks that are outside a simple extension, maintain or change the new due date and make logistical arrangements
  • Review and approve applications of students with Learning Access Plans
  • Finalise (referencing Post Approval Actions page) the due date and reschedule tasks where the application is made;
  • on the grounds of a professional experience clash
  • for an end of unit exam, in class exam, group presentation individual presentation
  • Monitor the progress of Special Consideration requests for their Unit.

  • Use the dashboard to review students with multiple or repeat Special Considerations who may be at risk or require additional ongoing support
  • Monitor the progress and age of Special Consideration request for units in their courses