Applying for admission to legal practice in Australia

If you’re an overseas legal practitioner interested in requalifying for legal practice in Australia, Southern Cross University can assist you as an accredited Law School for admission to the Supreme Court of New South Wales. The units you choose to study with us meet accreditation requirements.

Follow these simple steps to apply for admission to legal practice in Australia.


Step 1

Apply to the Legal Profession Admission Board

Your legal qualifications must be assessed by the Legal Profession Admission Board for admission as a lawyer in the state of New South Wales. Should you be required to complete further subjects to satisfy academic requirements, the Board will advise you of those subjects. Further information is available at the NSW Government's Lawlink - Attorney General and Justice website.


Step 2

Complete your additional subjects

Once you have been advised about the subjects you are required to complete, contact Southern Cross University's Law Student Support Team at The Student Support Team will assist you with a list of compatible units and teaching sessions offered by the University. 

Contact the Faculty of Business, Law and Arts - Southern Cross

Executive Dean of Faculty

T: +61 7 5589 3054


Associate Dean (Education)

T: +61 2 6620 3848


Associate Dean (Research)

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