Peer Assisted Learning Support (PALS)

PALS study groups for first year students in targeted units.

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What is PALS?

Peer Assisted Learning Support (PALS) Mentors are successful students, just a couple of steps ahead of you, in their studies.

Checking-in online with a PALS Mentor is a great way to see if you are on track and have a conversation with a near-peer who has recently completed the unit.

PALS Mentors can help you unpack assignment questions and better understand rubrics. They can share their study strategies and top tips on how you can succeed at SCU. PALS Mentors cannot review or edit your work or teach unit content.

Each Term, different units will be added to the program. We hope that by the end of your first year of study you will have the opportunity to engage with our PALS Mentors.

PALS is a Pilot Program providing support for First Year students studying in targeted units.  If you are not studying in one of these units and would like study support, please access the Quick Guides or make an appointment with the Learning Advisers using the Book an Appointment webpage.

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Check-ins and study groups

Are you new to SCU and studying in these first-year Units? Our friendly PALS Mentors have one on one check-ins and group bookings available!

Term 2 

  • STAT1001 Statistical Analysis
  • MDIA1002 Visual Communication and Design
  • WRIT1001 Introduction to Written Texts
  • COMP1001 Data Communications and Networks
  • CHEM1001 Chemistry
  • HBIO1006 Growth and Development
  • HBIO1009 Introduction Anatomy and Physiology

You can take advantage of the PALS Program - it's free. Make an online booking for a PALS check-in during the term, bookings open in Week 1. If you need additional support, you can make an appointment with a Learning Adviser through The Learning Zone.

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