The inclusion, respect and safety of all people at Southern Cross University are vitally important.

Southern Cross University is proud to be an active member of the national Respect.Now.Always campaign that aims to eliminate sexual assault and harassment on Australian campuses.

At Southern Cross University, we commit to this ethos through our Humankind Framework and Consent Matters online module. You can find out more about these modules in your Student Portal (Personal Safety and Wellbeing).

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The Humankind Framework

Humankind Framework is a commitment to inclusion, respect and safety. It is an intersectional, systemic approach to addressing unequal power relationships across diverse student cohorts.

This module seeks to position understanding, respect, and empathy as enabled skills to reduce inequities in power relationships, fundamentally shifting human interactions to reduce the instances of assault and harassment significantly.

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Consent matters: online consent education module

The University provides Epigeum's Consent Matters online education module for all students to complete. Developed by a collaboration of academics based in the UK and Australia, the online consent module is designed to help you understand sexual consent.

Through interactive activities and scenarios, you will be stepped through:

  • What consent is, how to identify when it has been given, and situations where it can't be given
  • The importance of good communication, identifying boundaries, and talking about them
  • How to identify situations where someone may need help and how you can intervene.

Safety modules

You can find more out about these modules in your Student Portal in the Personal Safety and Wellbeing section.

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