Early Years research candidates

Current research candidates

Jubilee Smith

Research degree: PhD
Principal supervisor: Associate Professor Wendy Boyd
Co-supervisor: Dr Alicia Phillips

Thesis title: Early childhood educator decision making about digital and interactive technology: an unexplored dimension
Research interests and teaching expertise: Investigating early childhood educator decision making with digital technology; Faculty of Education Primary Course Coordinator

Suzanne Grissell

Research degree: EdD
Principal supervisor: Associate Professor Wendy Boyd
Co-supervisor: Dr Chris Zehntner

Thesis title: When Tommy wore a tutu:;Three Case Studies investigating educator influence countering gender stereotypes in children's career aspirations.
Research interests and teaching expertise: Early years education: Systems theory and educator influence in early years education; anti-bias, diversity and addressing gender stereotyping; and utilising early childhood resources and experiences to enhance young children's career aspirations.

Laura Burritt

Research degree: PhD
Principal supervisor: Dr Kitty-Rose Foley (Faculty of Health)
Co-supervisor: Associate Professor Wendy Boyd

Thesis title: How do NSW primary schools address the wellbeing and learning needs of children of low socioeconomic background? 

Research interests: Support for improvement in developmental outcomes for children from families with low socioeconomic background before the start primary school; Development of sustained collaboration between health and education departments to support reduction in impact of social determinants of health; improved educational systems to support teachers to support children with increased learning needs; Translational research from PhD investigation. Teaching Interests: Child development (from OT perspective); Evaluation of Occupational Therapy (clinical) Programs; Occupational therapy theory; Transition to practice; supervision of honours students (secondary supervisor)


Lauren Brocki

Research degree: PhD
Principal supervisor: Associate Professor Wendy Boyd
Co-supervisor: Professor Sue Walker, Associate Professor Michelle Neumann

Thesis title: Early Childhood: the need for reform
Research interests and teaching expertise: Early Childhood Education and Primary English Education 


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