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Shaping Education for a Sustainable Future

Our research at the SEAE Research Centre is committed to exploring and understanding the complex relationships between sustainability, the environment, and the arts within the context of education.  We strive to develop and disseminate knowledge that leads to more ecologically aware and creatively enriched educational practices.  Our work is dedicated to shaping a future where learning is an active, engaged process that empowers individuals and communities to navigate and respond to the pressing environmental challenges of our times.

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Research Projects

Materiality of the Visual Journal

Dartaphacts exhibitions

"dartaphact” mixes data, art and act/ivism in processes that make the mattering “facts of experience” visible to wider publics. The concept is deliberately ambivalent about being an object (artefact) and a verb: the artful making of experiential facts. The first half of the concept – darta – (hybrid of data and art) is an explicit intervention to trouble what counts as social science data which emphasises and values the speculative process of what comes to matter through arts-based research. The second half of the concept – phact – signals the explicit posthuman ethico-political activist potential of what matter can The “ph” at the heart of the concept replaces “f” in dartaphact to register the posthuman forces of artful objects as potential political enunciators and to encourage a move away from the illusion of objective, fixed, knowable and measurable social science fact. 1

1 Renold, E. (2018). ‘Feel what I feel’: making da(r)ta with teen girls for creative activisms on how sexual violence matters. Journal of Gender Studies, 27(1), 37-55.

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