Sustainability, Environment and the Arts in Education (SEAE)

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This research concentration was established in 2012 and is co-led by Professor Amy Cutter-Mackenzie-Knowles and Professor Alexandra Lasczik.

The Sustainability, Environment, and the Arts in Education (SEAE) Research Cluster is globally recognised for enacting profound change in/through transdisciplinary environmental and Arts education research that disrupts and generates new ways of being and becoming, which provokes dynamic responses to critical local-global calamities.

This research cluster represents a large collective of researchers working across sustainability, environment and the Arts in education. This cluster is unique and has a transdisciplinary research focus which directly informs public debate, policy, advocacy and practive.

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The SEAE Research Cluster squarely:

  1. Engages in creative research practices to disrupt and transform ecological thought and action in the context of anthropogenic climate change
  2. Stimulates transformation of/through nature interrelationships in the Anthropocene;
  3. Engages and foregrounds Indigenous philosophies and knowings
  4. Actively disrupts and transforms models of education (curriculum, pedagogy and policy) through ecological and artful positionings
  5. Interrogates and advances a range of theories in posthuman, socioecological, poststructural, and intersectional feminism
  6. Interrogates and advances a range of methodologies including post qualitative, Arts-based, child/youth-framed, and participatory research
  7. Enacts public pedagogy through ecological and artful practice
  8. Communicates and disseminates research discovery through transformative and creative impact and engagement modalities.

SEAE Impact and Engagement:

  1. The Childhoodnature Play Research Team: Children learn science in nature play long before they get to school classrooms and labs (The Conversation, September 23, 2021)
  2. SEAE’s research impact in childhood environmental education evaluated at the highest level in Australia’s Engagement and Impact evaluation
  3. Dr Angela Turner: Facilitated teacher professional learning through authentic the development of a STEM teaching program in the context of food sustainability
  4. UK Conversation article by Dr David Rousell & Professor Amy Cutter-Mackenzie-Knowles (Climate Change School Strikes)
  5. New grant awarded by the Australian Association for Environmental Education in the Climate Change + Me International Research Program
  6. New book on Socioecological Learning by SEAE Researchers – Palgrave McMillian
  7. Associate Professor Louise Phillips: Exhausted beyond measure’: what teachers are saying about COVID-19 and the disruption to education (The Conversation, August 4, 2020)

The team behind SEAE

Meet the team behind the Sustainability, Environment and the Arts in Education research cluster.

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