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TeachLab Leadership Team

David Lynch

Professor David Lynch

TeachLab Research Leader

David Lynch is Professor of Education in the Faculty of Education, located at the Gold Coast campus. He is the author of numerous books and articles on teacher education and teaching improvement, specialising in Whole of School Teaching Improvement. David’s background is in primary education having been a teacher and senior state school principal in early professional life.

Dr Tony Yeigh portrait

Adjunct Associate Professor Tony Yeigh

Adjunct Associate Professor

Tony Yeigh is an Adjunct Associate Professor with a PhD in Educational Psychology. Skilled in intercultural communication, multi-modal research design, project supervision, and applied pedagogy, he is a strong education professional whose research interests include Blended Learning, School Improvement, School Leadership, Initial Teacher Education, Educational Mindfulness and "wicked" problem solving.

Dr Wendy Boyd

Associate Professor Wendy Boyd

Associate Dean Education; TeachLab Project Leader

Wendy Boyd joined Southern Cross University in February 2009 with professional expertise in early childhood education and care. She taught for 25 years leading a large early childhood centre that was continuously assessed as high quality.

Dr Lewes Peddell

Dr Lewes Peddell

TeachLab Leader, Strategic Partnerships; Chair of Discipline (Initial Teacher Education)

Lewes Peddell is Lecturer in the Faculty of Education, with a focus on Mathematics Education. Prior to coming to Southern Cross University in 2018, he was Director of Research, Learning and Enterprise at Canterbury College (QLD) where he also served as Director of Arts Academy, Acting Director of Curriculum and taught Music and Mathematics.


Dr Raoul Adam

Dr Raoul Adam

TeachLab Project Leader

Raoul Adam is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Education at Southern Cross University. With more than 25 years of teaching and research experience, he has a strong commitment to education. He is a recipient of several university citations and a national ALTC Award for teaching.

Dr Sally Ashton-Hay

Dr Sally Ashton-Hay


Sally Ashton-Hay is a Lecturer (Teaching Scholar) in the Learning Experience Team, Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Students) at Southern Cross University. She designs curriculum for learning support and assists students with strategies for more successful study. Her teaching experience includes secondary English, Drama, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), Indigenous learners, literacy skills, academic writing and international teacher training.

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Dr Anne Bellert

Senior Lecturer

Anne Bellert is a teacher and researcher who is committed to achieving sustainable learning - Learning for all, teaching that matters, learning that lasts.

Dr Christos Markopoulos

Dr Christos Markopoulos

Chair of Education Faculty Board; TeachLab Project Leader

Christos Markopoulos has extensive experience in teaching mathematics discipline as well as mathematics education for undergraduate and postgraduate education students. He has developed and taught Mathematical Content Knowledge units for pre-service teachers.

Dr. Johanna Nieuwoudt

Dr Johanna Nieuwoudt

Lecturer (Teaching Scholar), SCU College

Johanna Nieuwoudt is an experienced lecturer in SCU College at Southern Cross University, where she helps students from diverse backgrounds and experiences gain skills and confidence to be successful in their future university studies. She specializes in the curriculum design and delivery of higher education pathway courses for students in high school (Year 12), pre-award programs, and diplomas.

Alicia Phillips

Dr Alicia Phillips

Early Childhood Course Coordinator

Alicia Phillips joined Southern Cross University in 2015 with a wealth of teaching experience in educational contexts ranging from early childhood education and care settings, primary schools and tertiary education.

Brad Shipway

Dr Brad Shipway


Brad Shipway is a Lecturer in the Faculty of Education at the Gold Coast campus, where he teaches Primary History, Geography and Civics. Brad has taught from K-10 across a range of different schooling systems.

Dr Angela Turner

Dr Angela Turner

Technology Education Course Coordinator

Angela Turner's research is positioned under the umbrella of Design and Technologies education, specifically food education, sustainability and food innovation research (regional foods and food education research).

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Dr Royce Willis

TeachLab Research Assistant

Royce Willis has a background in psychology and more recently involved in education research, including blended learning, school improvement, and mechanisms to support teacher professional learning. Specifically, Royce's research has involved scale development and a focus on psychological constructs, such as wellbeing, belonging, and anxiety, and how these affect teachers and students.

Dr Chris Zehntner

Dr Chris Zehntner

Lecturer, Personal Development Health and Physical Education

Chris Zehntner is a lecturer in PDHPE with the Faculty of Education at Southern Cross. Chris brings together teaching and coaching experience to inform both his tertiary teaching and research. He is a recipient of several university awards for teaching and program design.

Patrick Bruck Profile Headshot

Patrick Bruck

Deputy Chair of Faculty Board; Associate Lecturer

Patrick Bruck is an Associate Lecturer at Southern Cross University, Faculty of Education, Australia. He is enrolled in a Doctor of Education (EdD) at Southern Cross University with a focus on the teaching of proportional reasoning in Australian schools. Patrick has held numerous roles in Australia’s education sector, including as a teacher, Head of Department, Deputy Principal and Principal in high schools, predominantly in Queensland. He has also taught internationally in Asia and Europe.

David Ellis

David Ellis

Chair of Postgraduate Teacher Education; SCUOnline Education Course Coordinator; TeachLab Project Leader

David Ellis is a Lecturer (Teaching Scholar) and, as a former technology teacher and head teacher, has always been interested in developing the capacity of technology teachers in the ever-changing curriculum of technology education.

Amanda Isaac

Associate Lecturer, Professional Experience

Amanda Isaac is an Associate Lecturer in the Faculty of Education. She began her career teaching in primary schools but has worked in initial teacher education for nearly 20 years. Amanda’s research focus lies in the experiences of all stakeholders in professional experience, including pre-service teachers, their mentor teachers, in-school coordinators, and higher education providers.

Cathy Lembke

Cathy Lembke

Director of Professional Experience; Associate Lecturer

Cathy Lembke is currently researching in the area of the impact of short-term immersion programs on the cultural competence of pre-service teachers, as part of a prospective PhD thesis. Cathy has recently been working on the North Coast Initiative for School Improvement.

Megan Pedler

Megan Kelly

Secondary Education Course Coordinator, Associate Lecturer

Megan Kelly has taught in secondary schools and as a specialist teacher in primary schools in Australia and abroad. Megan enjoys her role as a Professional Experience Advisor as it provides the opportunity to support students while on placement learning the practicalities of becoming a teacher.

Hannah McGuigan

PhD Candidate, RA Support

Hannah is a current PhD candidate in psychology and academic tutor in the Faculty of Health. She brings the skills and perspectives of the discipline to her role of research assistant in the Faculty of Education and TeachLab. Furthermore, Hannah is passionate about producing high quality research with strong applied outcomes to the gap between research and practice in many fields.

Lisa Siegel

Lisa Siegel

Associate Lecturer

Lisa Siegel is a skilled environmental educator with more than 20 years of experience in developing and facilitating educational experiences for children, young people, and adults, having worked in public and independent schools in three different countries.

Jubilee Smith

Jubilee Smith

Primary Course Coordinator, Associate Lecturer

Jubilee Smith is currently completing her PhD with Southern Cross University investigating early childhood educator decision making with digital technology. Jubilee has presented and published from the initial research which led to her PhD topic.

Dr Marilyn Chaseling

Emerita Professor Marilyn Chaseling

Emerita Professor

Marilyn Chaseling has 30 years of teaching experience. During 21 of these years Marilyn has been appointed to leadership positions. Marilyn has strong links with the teaching profession and understands the nexus between school and university.

Professor Martin Hayden

Emeritus Professor Martin Hayden

Emeritus Professor

Martin Hayden has wide-ranging experience as a scholar in the field of higher education. He has produced or contributed to a large number of books, articles and reports, and has attracted significant research and development grants.

Professor Bill Boyd

Adjunct Professor Bill Boyd

Adjunct Professor

Bill Boyd is Adjunct Professor and a multi- and trans-disciplinary scholar - a geographer, archaeologist, landscape scientist and educationalist - with scholarly interests in long-term environmental change, human-landscape interactions, environmental and cultural heritage management, and higher education.

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Adjunct Professor Bruce Knight

Adjunct Professor

Professor Knight has completed a great deal of study in teaching and learning, undertaking high impact applied research that leads to sustainable benefits for all students. He is a specialist in learning design and pedagogy to enhance participant outcomes across all forms of education and mental health. Professor Knight has successfully supervised 27 doctoral candidates and his areas of research have resulted in more than 200 peer-reviewed publications and completion of large research projects.

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Adjunct Professor Richard Light

Adjunct Professor

Richard Light is Professor Emeritus at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, Adjunct Professor at Southern Cross University and a Visiting Professor at Waseda University, Japan. Professor Light has a teaching and coaching background in Australia and Japan and is well known for his innovative work on athlete centred coaching grounded in practice, such as his development of Positive Pedagogy for sports coaching. He is a leader in research on sport and physical education pedagogy.

Emeritus Professor Richard Smith profile image

Adjunct Professor Richard Smith

Adjunct Professor

Richard Smith has extensive experience in school and higher education education administration and governance and the development of innovations. He has a distinguished record in research, publication, postgraduate supervision and academic journal creation and editorship. His current academic and applied interests lie in the development of effective pedagogical practice and governance for uncertain times.

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Adjunct Professor David Spendlove

Adjunct Professor

Professor Spendlove's work has involved policy, practice and research in a variety of areas including Teaching and Learning, Teacher Education, Technology Education and Creative and Design Education. Currently David is Professor of Education and Director of Teaching and Learning in the School of Environment, Education and Development in addition to being the Senior Adviser for the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences.

Dr Sue Hudson

Adjunct Associate Professor Sue Hudson

Adjunct Associate Professor

Suzanne Hudson has been involved in teaching and teacher education for more than 30 years. Before coming to Southern Cross, she was at QUT where she was responsible for initiating the Bachelor of Education (primary).

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Adjunct Associate Professor David Turner

Adjunct Associate Professor

David Turner is QASSP’s Director of Professional Learning. He has enjoyed a diverse career in school leadership working in small rural schools through to large complex urban schools. Teaching in Victoria and in British Columbia, Canada and spending over three years working in the tertiary sector as Head of Campus and Head of School, he has also worked on research projects related to initial teacher education, teaching staff capability through coaching, mentoring, feedback and blended learning.

A woman smiling

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Megan Lee

TeachLab Research Assistant; Academic Tutor

Megan Lee is a Senior Teaching Fellow in the Faculty of Society and Design at Bond University. She has a background in psychological science and advanced statistical analyses. Megan is passionate about research impact in the public domain and providing a bridge between psychology and education research.

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Adjunct Senior Lecturer Jake Madden

Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Dr Jake Madden is an experienced school principal. With a leadership career over the last thirty years he has been building teacher capacity through the development of learning in the contemporary world, the promotion of flexible learning spaces to meet the needs of the 21st century learner and curriculum for global mindedness. As a proponent for teacher action research, Jake is widely published in this area, authoring books and journal articles showcasing his experiences and research.

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