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The TeachLab research agenda is “Teaching Improvement”. This agenda is focused on research projects investigating school leadership, teacher education and effective teaching practices. The TeachLab research agenda, coupled with its mission to enable the education field to undertake evidence-based change, represents a major shift in how teachers are prepared, how they can best teach and how teaching improvement is undertaken.

TeachLab specialises in conducting applied research with partners comprising schools, education systems and teaching professional associations. These research partnerships are built on teachers and leaders acting as researchers, mutual benefit research projects and embedded problem-solving. 

A sample of research projects currently underway:

  • Student Retention (Pedler, Nieuwoudt, Lee & Peddell)
  • Supporting Pre-service Teachers Wellbeing on Professional Experience During CoVID-19 and Beyond (Philips, Boyd & Lee)
  • Setting Up and Sustaining a Successful Community of Practice for Mathematics Teachers in Rural, Remote and Regional Schools (James, Willis, Peddell, Lee, Lynch)
  • Teaching Improvement at St Edwards Project (Peddell, Yeigh, Willis, Lee, & Lynch)
  • Investigating Professional Learning and Strategic Partnerships (Peddell, Ellis, Lee, Bellert, & Lynch)
  • Building Leadership Capacity in Catholic Education Project (Lynch, James, Willis, Lee, & Peddell)
  • Mathematics Teaching Anxiety (Markopolous, Willis, Lee and Peddell)
  • Cycle of Engagement in Mathematics (Willis, Peddell, Lee, & Lynch)


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Through the collective efforts of members, TeachLab will make significant contributions to educational research, practice and policy in ways that expand and shift long-held educational paradigms about how teacher education and school improvement are undertaken. We will achieve this through:

  1. Creating and sustaining a community of researchers.
  2. Promoting and supporting research and development opportunities for TeachLab members.
  3. Enabling TeachLab members to increase their research productivity, outputs and impacts.
  4. Promoting/ engaging in design implementation research projects.

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