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Southern Cross University's Faculty of Education TeachLab Research Group (TL) is led by Professor David Lynch and was developed as an additional research entity at Southern Cross University in 2019.

During its initial phase of development (2020 to 2021), TL is focused on establishing elements of leadership, capacity and capability within its membership. Key to this phase will be the staging of clinical research workshops, which will be used to establish and firm-up a research focus, produce high-quality research outputs and create a systematic grant application regime.

In its second phase of development (2021 to 2022) TL will consolidate its research focus and target strategic grant applications, the forging of strategic research partnerships and embedding itself in the global objectives of the Faculty of Education as a key contribution towards the Faculty's research ranking.

The cluster represents a large collective of researchers who are respected as world leaders in educational research. TeachLab will be recognised for the scholarship of its researchers and its collective contribution to educational research, practice and policy.

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Through the collective efforts of members, TeachLab will make significant contributions to educational research, practice and policy in ways that expand and shift long-held educational paradigms about how teacher education and school improvement are undertaken. We will achieve this through:

  1. Creating and sustaining a community of researchers.
  2. Promoting and supporting research and development opportunities for TeachLab members.
  3. Enabling TeachLab members to increase their research productivity, outputs and impacts.
  4. Promoting/ engaging in design implementation research projects.

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Meet the large collective of world-leaders in research behind TeachLab. Find out more about their research areas and contact information.

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