Welcome to the UniMentor Program

Two students in Goodman Plaza who are promoting the UniMentor program

Students who are starting their study here can get support from a UniMentor to settle quickly and successfully in to life at the University.

UniMentors are experienced students studying the same (or a similar) course who help new students by answering their questions, explaining how things work and providing tips on how to 'survive and thrive'.

A UniMentor is a friendly, positive and empowering person who's 'been there' and 'done that'. As trained volunteers, UniMentors have a strong commitment to helping other students settle in and feel like they belong. They are able to provide advice on a wide range of student issues, from understanding an on-line study environment and locating important University services to where to buy the best coffee!

Although they not an academic tutor, UniMentors can share their study tips to help new students settle in to an academic routine with knowledge and confidence.

All undergraduate (Bachelor Degree or Associate Degree) students commencing their study on-campus or on-line can apply to get a UniMentor. New students and their UniMentors can meet face-to-face, communicate on-line, via email, or catch up on Facebook.

This is a free service for students, by students.

Just Do It

To request a UniMentor or to become a UniMentor, please go to My Enrolment and select the UniMentor tab.

For further information please contact a UniMentor Coordinator.

SCU UniMentor Program