Regenerative Agriculture Alliance (RAA)

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The Regenerative Agriculture Alliance (RAA) is a collaboration of Australia’s leading researchers and practitioners in regenerative agriculture. Our aim is to improve the holistic health and wellbeing of Australian landscapes, farmers and communities through regenerative agricultural research, education and practice.

Founded in 2018 by Lorraine Gordon – Director of Strategic Project at Southern Cross University, the Alliance includes leading researchers in environmental science, soil and plant science, marine and forestry science worldwide.

Lorraine Gordon is the founder of the Regenerative Agriculture Alliance and Director of Strategic Projects at Southern Cross University.

Southern Cross University has a reputation as a collaboration specialist with proven success in connecting and enabling more than 28,000 farmers working collaboratively and delivering innovative solutions through the farm co-op and collaboration program warmly referred to as Farming Together.

The Alliance champions the large-scale adoption of regenerative agriculture to improve Australian landscapes and the resilience of the people they sustain.

Our Southern Cross University resources include: