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Education Projects

Australia is experiencing widespread degradation of soils and landscapes. Regenerative agriculture practices combat this problem and are of great value to a profitable and sustainable agriculture industry. It’s clear the agriculture industry is in need of transformational change and many land managers are seeking knowledge on alternative farming practices, however there is confusion and lack of unity around the right approach to current best practice land management in Australia.

Southern Cross University and the Regenerative Agriculture Alliance are in the process of developing Tertiary education offerings for 2020.

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Research Projects

We support projects that deliver real-world tangible results.

In addition to training and education support, the Regenerative Agriculture Alliance facilitates collaborations between industry, government and Southern Cross University to carry out relevant, timely research that advances regenerative agriculture and focus on enhancing a triple bottom line for Australian industry.

The research partnerships aim to encourage sustainable, science and practice-based innovation in Australia’s agricultural sector and to support a thriving farming community and generate broader economic returns for regional, rural and remote Australia.

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