Information for current scholarship recipients

You must inform the Scholarships Office of any changes you make to your enrolment that are not in accordance with your scholarship terms and conditions.

You are given a copy of your scholarship terms and conditions with your original offer. Please contact the Scholarships Office if you require a copy.

Payment schedules

In the case of scholarships paid directly to students the below table provides a general guide on when the earliest payment for an active scholarship will be made. Please note, dates indicated below are subject to change and where a delay in these dates may occur the Scholarships Office will endeavour to inform you as soon as possible.

Scholarship that have a status of breached cannot be paid.

Payments are due following Term/Session Census date as appropriate to the main course of study at the time of Scholarship bestowal.

  • Term 1: Payments are due 21 March 2024.
  • Term 3: Payments are due 18 July 2024.

Important: payments can take a week to complete their processes and appear as credit in bank accounts. If your scholarship has a status of active and you have not received your money 10 days after the above dates please contact the Scholarships Office for advice.

Payment method

All scholarship payments to students are made through direct deposit. Please follow these instructions to update your banking details:

  • Login to My Enrolment
  • Click on Rewards
  • Click on Update payment details (left-hand menu)
  • Enter new details and press Submit


International student scholarships

Many of the scholarships for International students are paid as Tuition Waivers instead of a direct payment to the student. Recipients can check their tuition invoices to confirm that their scholarship has bestowed.

Tax and Centrelink

The scholarships office cannot advise you as to whether you are required to declare your scholarship as income to the Australian government. You should refer to the relevant government department.