Counselling and Psychological Support Services

How can counselling help?

Students often use the Counselling Service when they want to talk about adjustment to University, coping with homesickness, study pressures, reducing stress, overcoming procrastination, relationship issues, or family problems.

The Counselling Service aims to encourage academic success and to assist students to increase their enjoyment of study and University life, by helping to reduce the effects of stress and anxiety caused by study, personal or family pressures.

Services available

Professional counselling staff are located at Lismore campus, Gold Coast campus, Coffs Harbour campus, and the Hotel Schools in Sydney and Melbourne, and offer assistance to all students - internal students and external students, from first year to post graduate level. Services are free and confidential, and Counsellors are friendly and caring.

The following specific services are also available:

  • Same day bookings
  • Information and advice — in person, by telephone, or e-mail
  • Referral to counselling services in your area (where possible) for those seeking long term or specialised counselling
  • Assistance for times when you may be concerned about a student in crisis
  • Ongoing counselling and support for students presenting with high levels of stress and more complex academic or personal problems up to a maximum of 12 sessions
  • Short-term counselling for academic, personal, or interpersonal issues up to a maximum of 6 sessions
  • Group Programs at during Session
  • Self-help and Information leaflets
  • Wellness events and activities

Are you concerned about another student?

If you are concerned about a student in distress or with severe difficulties, you are able to speak with a Counsellor for advice and support.

Counsellors also provide secondary consultation to staff about a third party (student or staff member) who may be in crisis or experiencing severe distress.

Support letters for special consideration

The primary role of the Counselling Service is to provide counselling to students. Support letters for Special Consideration applications may be provided at the Counsellor’s discretion, only if the student has received substantial counselling as a client of the service. Counselling appointments cannot be made to obtain letters to support Special Consideration applications for non-health reasons and/or if you are a new client of the counselling service. See Special Consideration for Assessment or Exam for alternatives.

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