"Southern Cross has a number of really flexible learning options and they're also very personable... you get to know your academics really one-on-one."

Sophie Cotton

Biomedical Science and Law student


If you ask me my passion in life it's definitely to help people understand how beautiful science is, it's definitely not something nerdy for me or about a textbook to me. It's one of the most beautiful things in the world. Understanding how our human bodies work and just the miracle that science is.

My name is Sophie Cotton and I'm studying a double degree in Biomedical Science and Law, and I've just finished my second year here at Southern Cross University and it has been a fascinating whirlwind of two years.

Well, ever since I was really young I've had this fascination with the human body so I always knew I want to do something along the lines of medicine and biomedical science is a perfect stepping-stone into medicine.

I grew up in Spain, my mum worked over there with women in order to try and prevent human trafficking and I got to see her work with a few people that were both a lawyer and a doctor and I got to see first hand how having both of those degrees really helps them in their work.

Fortunately Southern Cross has a number of really flexible learning options and they're also very personable so when I had this idea of studying both biomedical science and law I knew that there'd be lots of people willing to help me pursue that.

As for the classes at SCU what I love is this fact that they're nice and small and so you get to know your academics really one-on-one and because I'm studying something that I'm really passionate about I often have questions so it means that they're always willing to stay after class and answer my questions talking about what I love, what they love, and getting so much more out of the learning experience.

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Andrew Colefax piloting a drone

Andrew Colefax

Bachelor of Applied Science graduate, PhD candidate

Andrew is focused on developing shark surveillance procedures and improving detection rates of animals in the water using drones. “Southern Cross University researchers want to be sure that decision-makers are presented with an overview of how the public feels about the use of drones on their beaches.”

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Listening for Richmond Range mountain frogs: NPWS ranger Allan Goodwin (left) and PhD candidate Liam Bolitho setting up acoustic equipment in the Kyogle area (credit: David Newell)

Liam Bolitho

Bachelor of Environmental Science graduate, PhD candidate

Liam is part of a team helping combat extinction threats to rainforest frog species posed by climate change and disease. The future of two endangered northern NSW frog species, the Fleay’s barred frog and the Richmond range mountain frog, is looking brighter thanks to the NSW government allocating almost $150,000 for conservation projects led by Southern Cross University.

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Master of Forest Science and Management

Aula Muntasyarah

Master of Forest Science and Management

Aula’s challenging new role is helping establish a system to assist COVID-19-affected communities in Indonesia, while also homeschooling and doing her bit to help a local family. “I remember advice from an Indonesian lady saying that during this outbreak, if we still have financial ability, we should take action by helping at least one impacted family. I think people will stay at home if they have food for them and their family.”

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Dr Rachel Murray shows her Chancellor's Medal to Professor Bradley Eyre

Rachel Murray

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Rachel Murray spent the better part of three years knee-deep in the mangrove and estuary systems of north Queensland measuring nitrous oxide. The insights the-then PhD researcher gained using a new approach - continuous real-time monitoring of the greenhouse gas – earned her Southern Cross University’s highest accolade for a thesis, the Chancellor’s Medal, in 2018.

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Lisa Hansberry

Lisa Hansberry

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Civil Engineering

From yoga instructor to the world of engineering and construction, Lisa Hansberry’s two careers are perhaps more similar than most would think. “With engineering, we’re working with different materials to create effective and harmonious objects and structures for our cities and those who live in them,” said Lisa, who is a Project Engineer at Ardill, Payne & Partners, founding president of the Southern Cross University Engineering Society, president of the Northern Rivers Group of the Engineers Australia, Newcastle Division, and Newcastle Division Committee Member.

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