What are university records?

Formats for a university record include, but are not excluded to, paper documents, email, electronic documents, photographs, plans, film, sound recording, publication, or other textual, audio- visual or computerized information.

The following are some examples of university records:

  • committee papers, (agenda, minutes, attachments)
  • policy documents
  • research grant applications
  • promotional films/videos
  • working papers
  • organisational charts
  • draft programs for conferences
  • course brochures/leaflets
  • leave applications
  • petty cash records
  • media release
  • subject/course outlines
  • insurance claims
  • class timetables
  • messages
  • application forms
  • maps
  • photographs
  • reports
  • handbooks
  • correspondence (internal and external)
  • agreements/contracts
  • purchase requisitions

All records should be attached to an appropriate file.