Staff responsibilities

Staff members at Southern Cross University have a number of basic obligations when it comes to recordkeeping:

  • Create records routinely as part of your work
  • File records into official university record systems
  • Protect records against unauthorised use
  • Safeguard records against loss
  • Do not destroy records without authority from CRU and your Head of School/Unit, and only in accordance with State Records General Disposal Authorities

Your records are official records if they are kept to document some activity you have undertaken as a University employee. In fact, there is no such thing as an 'unofficial' record. However, you may have copies of other records that you use for reference purposes. These can be disposed of when they cease to be of reference use.

Archiving or Disposal of Records:

A simple records disposal procedure exists at the University. Follow the information and steps on the Appraisal Records page.

Records staff will then contact you with their advice. You may also like to look at the General Disposal Authorities and the checklist for records destruction.

Please view the Records Management Policy for further information.

Please contact the Corporate Records Unit for further information.