Hello my name is Adam Shoemaker and I'd like to welcome you to Southern Cross University.

It's a fantastic place to work and a fantastic area to live.

We're very proud of this university. Although it's one of Australia's youngest, it's also one of its most accomplished and it's very much on an upwards trajectory. It's a university which has three very distinctive regions. All in the northern regions, the Mid-North coast of New South Wales, and of course South-East Queensland near the Gold Coast airport. It is fabulous.

And we're on a big growth and change trajectory as well. It's a very good time to be joining the University and we're really hoping to welcome you to it as we say.

Collegiality is important to us as is integrity. It's a university that really cares about people, and about what they can achieve and the impact they have on the community around them. We want you to be the best you can be as a college.

So can I welcome you to what we think is Australia's most connected, most progressive, and we think the best regional research university in this country.


Welcome to Southern Cross University

Your induction is the starting point in the process of becoming familiar with, and settling into, University life.

There are two elements to your induction:

  • Work unit induction (arranged by your supervisor) to occur on your first day; and
  • Corporate induction – A compulsory online module for all new staff, made up of two stages. You may choose to complete Stage 1 prior to your commencement or on your first day. To complete prior to your commencement you will be provided with login details either via your employment contract or the Online Onboarding process.

1. Work unit induction

As part of your work unit specific induction program, you will be meeting with your supervisor or manager on your first day. They will arrange for you to meet your team and undertake an orientation of your work space and building.

You will be informed about your work unit's workplace health and safety matters. This will include understanding the emergency evacuation procedures and receiving information about your nominated emergency evacuation warden, health and safety representative and first aid officer. A Work Unit WHS checklist will be used for this process. Both you and the person performing your induction are required to sign the completed checklist.

An Induction checklist template will be tailored to your appointment and will also guide your induction and orientation during your first few weeks. You will have a proactive role in this process.

2. Corporate Induction

Access the University’s Corporate Induction using the link at the bottom of this webpage and the login details provided in your employment contract or via the Online Onboarding process.

After you commence and have been given access to the University's systems, you will also be able to access the Corporate Induction from MySCU.

As you settle into your new role, I encourage you to be an active participant in your induction - investigate, ask questions, introduce yourself to other employees, explore your new environment and ask for help if needed. The link to the Corporate Induction is below:

Enjoy your time at Southern Cross University.

Sharon Farquhar
Director, Human Resources.