Induction for New Staff

We’re glad that you’re here – together we are changing lives through revolutionary learning and research with real impact.

So let’s get started!

It can be daunting when you start at a new organisation so we have taken all the stress away by putting together an induction program that covers all the standard first day questions like where do you get your swipe card? How do you print? Who is who?

Our staff Learning Management System (LMS), 'Scout' will send you an email inviting you to complete our Induction for New Staff course when you first log in. We’ve broken the program into manageable chunks of information and spread it out over your first month so you don’t get information overload! 

If you have any questions about the content of the course, or how to access the course, please reach out to our friendly Organisational Development team via, or have a chat with your Supervisor.

Once you have started with us, head into our staff Learning Management System (LMS), Scout to check out some of the other online and face-to-face training that we offer, including accessing over 16,000 courses through LinkedIn Learning.

What training do you need to complete as a new team member at Southern Cross Uni? 

What Who Where
Induction for New Staff All staff Online
Indigenous Cultural Competency Supervisors Online
Emergency Preparedness All staff Online
Remote Working Safely Staff working remotely Online
WHS onsite induction All staff In Person with your Supervisor
Recruitment and Selection Skills Supervisors Online
Research Integrity Training Staff involved with Research Online
Sexual Harassment Awareness All Staff Online

Additionally, there may be some Faculty or Work Unit specific training that you may be required to do. Your supervisor will arrange this for you.

We encourage you to be an active participant in your induction – investigate, ask questions, introduce yourself to other team members, explore your new environment and ask for help if needed.