Legal Assistance Form

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Legal Assistance Form

All requests for legal assistance, including for the mandatory legal review of Non Standard Agreements, are to be submitted to the Legal Office using the  Legal Assistance Form. To ensure that University resources are allocated in the most appropriate fashion, the staff member completing the form is required to acknowledge in the form that their Head of Work Unit has approved the request for legal assistance and to indicate whether the matter requires urgent attention from a University Lawyer and, if so, why.

Please note that the information to be included in the electronic form which populates the Legal Office's database is limited to 500 characters.

Clicking the "submit" button in the form generates an email from the staff member to the Legal Office, with the specific fields from the form coded in a way to enable quick file creation in the Legal Office database. Any lengthy instructions or documents should be attached to the email rather than input directly into the Legal Assistance Form because of the character limit.

Download the Legal Assistance Form