Review of Non Standard Agreements

Review of Non Standard Agreements

Non-Standard Agreements are contracts, agreements or other arrangements between the University and one or more other parties that are not being given effect to by a Standard Agreement. See the Standard Agreements section of the Legal Office website for more information about the University's Standard Agreements.

All Non Standard Agreements must be reviewed by a University Lawyer prior to execution (see the Contract Procedures for further information). To arrange for review of a Non-Standard Agreement, review the explanatory information and submit a request to the Legal Office from the page dedicated to the Legal Assistance Form.

As part of the legal review, a University Lawyer might request:

  • Further information from the instructing officer; or
  • That the instructing officer contact the other party to confirm particular details or request certain amendments.

Alternatively, the University Lawyer might prefer to deal with the other party or its lawyers personally.

After review, the University Lawyer will issue a Legal Contract Compliance Statement to confirm to the delegate to whom the contract is provided for execution on behalf of the University that the Agreement has, in fact, been reviewed. The University Lawyer records any areas of legal concern or risk in the Legal Contract Compliance Statement for the delegate to take into account when deciding whether it is appropriate to execute the contract.