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Video Services

Digital Resources offers a range of video production services available to all faculties and colleges to assist in designing quality, innovative media resources for learning and teaching.

We can work with you to produce all kinds of video content, from simple welcome videos to more complex multi-media productions that cater to a variety of curriculum requirements and improve student engagement.

Our professional filming and editing services include but are not limited to:

  • Technique-based demonstration and how-to videos
  • Interviews, profiles and lived experience documentation
  • Scenario-based concepts
  • Short, scripted presentations

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These timelines are a guide and are subject to change. The minimum time needed for production is three weeks. If you require a more urgent turnaround, please get in touch, and we will assess on an individual basis.

Strategy, planning and creative development, 1 – 2 weeks

Scoping the project, discussions, goals, and creative conceptualisation.

Pre-production, 1–3 weeks

Planning, scripting, sourcing talent, scouting locations and logistics, and scheduling.

Production, 1 day–2 weeks

Filming, recording voiceover or dialogue, and capturing any additional footage or images

Post-production, 1–4 weeks

Ingesting, editing and arrangement, audio processing, colour correction and grading, graphics and animation, stakeholder review, revisions, accessibility considerations and delivery.

This service is subject to staff availability and workload.