2023 Scholarship of Learning and Teaching Symposium

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The 2023 Scholarship of Learning and Teaching Symposium has concluded, you can continue conversations in the 2023 SoLT Symposium MS Teams Greenhouse.

The 2023 award winners are listed below.


This year the five awards were presented:

  1. Best contribution – decided by the 2023 SoLT Symposium Steering Group: ‘Indigenous pedagogy: the use of story and human connection as an active learning method’, Rachel Lynwood, Gnibi College
  2. Highly commendable contribution – decided by the 2023 SoLT Symposium Steering Group: ‘GenAI for Academics: Siri and Alexa, meet Samantha and HAL’, Dr Paul Whitelaw, Academic Director, Hotel School Partnership
  3. Most thought-provoking contribution – decided by popular vote: ‘Assessment using Digital Story Telling for first year Midwifery students’ Karin Mills and Lisa Charmer, Faculty of Health, Amanda Evans, Centre for Teaching and Learning
  4. Pre-recorded video contribution – decided by popular vote: ‘Toward person-centred and person-oriented integrated assessments: Enmeshing employability skills in EAP integrated assessment task’ Angela Windsor, UniSQ College and Zoe Hancock, SCU College
  5. MS Teams Greenhouse contribution – decided by the 2023 SoLT Symposium Steering Group: Dr Jo Munn, Centre for Teaching and Learning

This year we focussed our Symposium discussion around our theme:

Impactful teaching: Revolutionary learning

Southern Cross University (SCU) has developed a distinctive academic model, one that offers deeper, more focused, and more engaging learning and teaching experiences. The Southern Cross Model (SCM) puts learning at the heart of our teaching practice by promoting guided and active learning experiences for our students across locations, courses, and levels of offering.

As a community of scholars, the Symposium facilitates the sharing and discussion of practical, philosophical, and principles of education amongst colleagues. Underpinned by human connection, the Symposium is our platform to showcase our teaching practices and to hear from academic and student perspectives, both similar and diverse. The fundamental elements of scholarly practice are experiential and facilitate how we collaborate and educate our students to become the best professionals.

In 2023, all students from across the various disciplines are learning within the Southern Cross Model. As Faculties and Colleges are at various stages of SCM implementation, we encouraged colleagues to share their diverse experiences, ideas, and strategies with peers.

The Symposium Steering Group have been meeting regularly to provide guidance to the Centre for Teaching and Learning team in organising this event and is responsible for reviewing contributions.

  • Faculty of Business, Law and Arts - Associate Professor Mandy Shircore
  • Faculty of Education - Dr Lewes Peddell, Lecturer
  • Faculty of Health - Dr Jena Buchan, Lecturer
  • Faculty of Health - Lisa Charmer, Lecturer
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering - Dr Reza Ghanbarzadeh, Lecturer
  • Gnibi College of Indigenous Australian Peoples - Rachel Lynwood, Lecturer
  • SCU College - Zoe Hancock, Lecturer
  • Centre for Teaching and Learning - Dr Jo Munn, Senior Lecturer
  • Centre for Teaching and Learning - Tina van Eyk, Symposium Steering Group Chair and Coordinator
  • Centre for Teaching & Learning - Dr Mieke Witsel, Acting Director.


To coordinate the Symposium days working alongside the Symposium Steering Group members, your CTL Symposium team members are:

  • Brett McLennan - Symposium coordination
  • Dr Polly Lai - lead the Contributions peer review process
  • Paul Collins and Kerry Riley - administration
  • Colette Giltrap - logo and webpage production.