How to Apply


International students can choose from the list of courses available to students wanting to apply for a visa to study in Australia. Consider:

  • Major areas of study
  • Location and teaching sessions
  • Professional placements and internships
  • Academic and English language requirements

Online courses are not available to international students wanting to study full-time in Australia.


Where your application is sent, will depend on the country you are from and the campus you choose.

  • Direct Application - Complete the required forms and provide the necessary documentation.
  • Education Agents - View the list of countries that require the help of an  Education Agent to apply
  • Apply Online - Use our Online Application 'E-Apps' and complete required details, and where required attached documentation.

Direct Application

Complete the International Application for Admission form and attach all supporting documents, to avoid delays including:

  • Certified copy of academic transcripts (including grading system).
  • English language test results (eg. IELTS, TOEFL or other).
  • Academic or employer references (if required).
  • Advanced Standing application (if relevant).

Advanced Standing refers to previous study or work experience, which may reduce time off the duration of the degree. Remember to apply for advanced standing at the time of application, as the credit will determine the study plan.

Southern Cross University recommends your application is received at least two months before you intend to start your study

Assessing your application

Your application will be acknowledged by Southern Cross University or an approved Education Agent upon receipt (and you will be notified of the outcome within ten days directly)*.

If you are successful, an International Offer Package will be emailed giving details of what is required to accept your offer. If you are not successful, alternatives may be offered.

The International Offer Package includes the Offer of Admission, Information for Accepting your Offer, Offer Acceptance Agreement.

* This time period relates to complete applications for the immediate study period.

Refer to Accepting your offer for the next step in your application.

Southern Cross University has an extensive network of registered Education Agents to assist with your application, depending on which location you choose.

## Please bring your original documents to Australia as they may need to be verified.

Education Agents

Applicants from the African continent and the following countries must apply through an Education Agent.

Afghanistan Egypt  Latvia Pakistan
Armenia Estonia Lebanon Philippines
Azerbaijan Fiji Libya Russia
Bahrain Georgia Lithuania Sri Lanka
Bangladesh India Macedonia Tajikistan
Burma (Myanmar) Iran Mauritius Tanzania
Belarus Iraq Moldova Turkmenistan
Cambodia Jordan Mongolia Tuvalu 
China (not Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) Kazakhstan Nauru Vietnam 
Cuba Kyrgykhstan Nepal  

*Higher Degrees by Research and current Southern Cross students are not required to go through an Education Agent.