Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are a number of steps we require new clients to follow in order to begin your analysis with ARL, as follows:

1. Please complete our new client form, ARL new client form - please note, that all fields must be completed in order for the form to submit, including the ABN if your business has an address in Australia.

2. Please download the most relevant form for the type of analysis you would like performed on your sample/s from our website:

Sample submission forms

This will ensure that we receive all the required information about your samples and will enable us to provide you with accurate certificates and communication.

In sending samples to ARL, you acknowledge that you have read our privacy notification on our website at Contact us.

3. Please complete the relevant sample submission form and post it, along with your samples, to the following address:

Analytical Research Laboratory (ARL)
Southern Cross University (SCU)
Level 3, T Block
PO Box 157
East Lismore NSW 2480


It is the sender's responsibility to ensure your consignment meets Australia’s strict quarantine requirements. We recommend you consult with your courier and carry out ample research on your responsibilities in this regard. Southern Cross Plant Science does not provide Import Permits or pay quarantine fees on behalf of clients, and any such fees that are forwarded to us will be invoiced to your account.

Some useful links include:

4. Once your samples and paperwork have been received and processed, we will send you a full quote and/or invoice for your analyses. We require payment in advance before we are able to begin your analysis. Once payment is cleared we will send you a confirmation email letting you know your work has begun and the expected date that your results will be completed.

5. Confirm your sample details. After you have sent your samples in to be analysed, our login staff manually transcribe the details from your paperwork into our database. For this reason, it is essential that details are completed accurately and clearly. Please do not assume we will know what you need - call to discuss if you are unsure.

Once the login process is complete, you will be sent a sample receipt confirmation email. It is essential that you check the details of your samples (sample name, batch number, client name, etc) at this stage and notify us immediately of any errors. Errors that are not corrected at this stage will ultimately result in the delay of your results – we will not accept any responsibility where an error has progressed through this stage and caused a delay in the issuing of your results.

Yes - We are not able to log in any samples for you until you have registered as a client using our new client form here.

If you have been registered with us under one business name and request sample analysis under a different business name, you will need to register that business name as a client with us as well, under a separate account.

  • ARL operates on business days only, Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm.
  • ARL does not operate on Local, State or National public holidays. Public holidays will not be calculated in your analysis turnaround time.
  • Visitors are welcome by prior appointment only.

We offer a standard turnaround time of 10 working days for the majority of analysis or a priority turnaround time of 5 working days which attracts a 100% surcharge on the relevant jobs.

If, after sending in your samples, you require your due date to be brought forward, please contact us in writing via reply email to the sample receipt confirmation email, to request an expedited turnaround. Your updated due date will be calculated as 5 working days from when we receive your request in writing, and your request will be acknowledged via email.

Please note that all work coming into our laboratory is processed in chronological order, with a first-in, first-out policy applying to both our standard and priority queues. Please see the below list of ARL's suggested turnaround times.

Analysis type Turn around time (TAT)
Standard turnaround time 10 business days
Urgent status (attracts 100% surcharge) 5 business days
Cannabis including drying and milling 15 business days
ORAC 20 business days
Cosmetic Allergens 15 business days
LCMS Compositional Analysis 20 business days
GCMS Compositional Level 2 and above 20 business days
New multiple herb authentication and validation 20 business days (minimum)
Subcontracted analysis 10 business days (no Urgent TAT available)

ARL endeavors to provide your analytical results to you by the allocated due date. Occasionally, your results will not be available within the specified time frame. If you have requested an expedited turnaround and we do not provide results within 5 working days, you will not be charged the 100% surcharge.

We will send a sample receipt confirmation email with all of the details of your samples on the day they are received at ARL. 

Please be aware that we are a commercial laboratory operating as part of Southern Cross University (SCU). All mail sent with Australia Post and couriers will be delivered to the SCU mailroom, adding additional handling time to the delivery of your samples. Your TAT will be calculated from the date the samples arrive in our laboratory, not the SCU mailroom.

If you require a quote, please email us for a quote at All of the prices quoted are exclusive of GST. If your business is registered in Australia, you will be charged GST. Please note that all prices quoted by ARL are valid until 31/12/2020.

Below is a list of common analysis performed at ARL and the price ranges for these analyses, which are subject to change:

Analysis type Price (Ex. GST)
Herb authentication (single herb) $254.00
Herb authentication (Macroscopic) $254.00
Herb authentication (Microscopic) $254.00
GCFID Area % $120.00
Chiral purity $193.00
Full Certificate of Analysis (Tea Tree Oil) $285.00
Full Certificate of Analysis (Other oils) $246.00
Residual solvents $193.00
FAMES $193.00
Certificate or invoice reissue  $33.00


Quantitative assays:

Our fees for quantitative assays vary depending on the assay required. Most quantitative assays attract a set-up fee (charged once per consignment to allow for the equipment to be set up for your assay) and a per-sample fee. 

Please see below a few examples of commonly requested assays and their associated prices, which are subject to change:

Assay 1 x set up fee (Ex. GST)  Fee per sample (Ex. GST)
Methyl eugenol $193.00 $120.00
Folin C $193.00 $130.00
Proanthocyanidins Oligomeric $193.00 $254.00
Withanolides $254.00 $254.00
Ginkgo flavonglycosides $254.00 $254.00
Curcuminoids $193.00 $254.00
Alkylamides  $193.00 $254.00

  • Essential oils samples can leak easily so please ensure they are packaged in well-sealed vials, ideally tamper-evident seals.
  • If packing in glass please ensure that they are well padded using bubble wrap or similar.

In order for us to carry out sufficient analyses, please ensure you send ample quantities of each sample. The below sample sizes are our minimum requirement – in general, we prefer to be sent enough sample to store in our retains collection for any potential future assays required (at least twice the minimum requirement):

  • For essential oil analyses, we generally require 10ml per sample. This will provide enough oil for a full CoA. If you are able to provide 20ml, this is much appreciated.
  • For a chiral purity analysis of essential oil, we require 1ml, however, please be aware this does not allow enough of your sample to remain for any further testing.
  • For herbal authentication we require 10g of powdered extract or around 20 tablets/capsules. For raw materials, please send a representative sample of the whole plant – where possible, include leaf, stem, flower, seed, or a whole plant.
  • For quantitative assays we require a minimum of 10g or 20 capsules/tablets.

Please be mindful that there will be exceptions to the above rules – if your material or request is unusual or particularly difficult to assay, or if you require a variety of assays on one sample, we will need a larger quantity to carry out your request. Please ensure you contact us prior to sending your samples to check our requirements if you are unsure.

  • Please refer to the BICON Australia website which has a great explanation of what import conditions are required for plant material for research purposes.
  • Do not send us samples without the permit to import quarantine material as they may be destroyed on arrival.
  • You must pay for all delivery costs. Please ensure that you are listed on the customs documentation to pay all fees.

  • You must pay for all delivery costs.
  • Deliver samples and any accompanying documentation to the address on your sample submission form.
  • Organise delivery during working hours.
  • We do not accept responsibility for the safety or integrity of samples until we receive them at the Analytical Research Laboratory building on the Lismore campus of Southern Cross University.