Applying for Honours

Are you passionate about further study in the arts and humanities, contemporary music, digital media, social sciences, community welfare or visual art

If you’ve completed an undergraduate course — either at Southern Cross or another university, with a credit average or better, our Honours programs may be the next step for you.

Honours is a research training degree and is the preferred pathway to PhD studies.

Our Honours graduates find jobs in a wide variety of areas depending on the area of research interest. As well, government and semi-government organisations have opportunities for graduates with demonstrable research skills.

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“"It’s only through the process of a university education that I developed the language to be able to relate my story."”

Follow these steps to apply:

  1. Consult with Honours course coordinator Dr Erika Kerruish.
  2. Decide what area of interest you would like to study. There are two Honours degrees to choose from:
  1. Find a supervisor and discuss potential Honours projects. There are two types of projects:

A project or area of study you already have in mind.

A project suggested by an academic staff member.

  1. Once you’ve completed Steps 1 to 3, then apply for entry to an Honours degree online. The deadline is 30 November each year. Applications after this date may be considered if sufficient places are still available. When applying, you’ll need the following completed documents:

Student/Supervisor Agreement

A brief proposal (one or two pages) outlining your intended project. Read the Preparing a research proposal guidelines for advice on how to do this.

  1. Two Honours scholarships are available for the Faculty of Business, Law and Arts. Visit Honours scholarships for more information.