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Digital first thinking in every enterprise

The Digital Enterprise Lab (DEL) takes a unique perspective in bringing the Digital First! thinking to your strategy, vision, growth and business processes. Our future-ready digital incubator welcomes and nurtures entrepreneurs to develop innovative solutions through cutting-edge digital technologies.

Digital First! Training and micro-credentials

Being Digital First! is not a slogan. At DEL, we conduct training, micro-credentials courses and consultancies on innovation, strategy, entrepreneurship and technology solutions.

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Digital First! Incubator

Our incubator provides nurturing support and advise for digital entrepreneurs on technology management, business planning, strategizing, feasibility and marketing.

The Digital First! Incubator
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Preparing the next generation of Digital First! Ambassadors

At DEL, we strive to prepare the next generation of Digital First ambassadors and leaders. See details in our Entrepreneurship Circle and the Digital First seminars.

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Digital First! Research and partnerships

DEL research is acknowledged and endorsed by our peers and partners. Our efforts to expand knowledge frontiers bring researchers from all disciplines, industry sectors and leading scholars.

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Research Themes

Digital innovation manifests in many forms. The digital first thinking will make your digital innovations agile and will keep your business ahead of the competition.

Environmentally sustainable business and social practices are the foundation of our Digital First! thinking. We create a world of opportunities through sustainable digital practices.

Digital first thinking opens endless possibilities for entrepreneurs to create new interventions, create new business models and think beyond the boundaries.

Digital First! Incubator

The Digital First! Incubator provides nurturing support and advice for digital entrepreneurs on technology management, business planning, strategizing, feasibility and marketing.

This includes, but is not limited to, supporting software platforms, developing business cases, deriving market segmentation analyses, creating viable marketing plans and making sure that your idea becomes a reality.

Digital Enterprise Lab executive team

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