Meet our Law team

Portrait of David Heilpern

Associate Professor David Heilpern

Chair of Discipline (Law)

David Heilpern was a Magistrate and judicial trainer from 1998 to 2020. Prior to this appointment, David was a litigation lawyer on the North Coast where he co-founded the law school at SCU in 1992, David graduated with a Masters in Law from SCU and was the Alumni of the Decade in 2005. In August 2022 was appointed as a Dean and Chair of Discipline (Law) at SCU. David is passionate about legal education, seeking to ensure that students are stimulated, excited and fulfilled.

Course coordinators

Tom Round

Dr Tom Round

BA(Hons)(Qld), LLB(Qld), PhD(Griff)

Course Coordinator Bachelor of Laws, Lecturer

Rohan Price

Dr Rohan Price


HDR Convenor and Honours Coordinator, Lecturer

John Orr

Dr John Orr

BHumanMvSt(UQ), LLB(SCU), PhD(QUT)

Course Coordinator Associate Degree in Law (Paralegal Studies) and Bachelor of Legal and Justice Studies, Lecturer


Jen Neilsen

Associate Professor Jennifer Nielsen

BSc(Monash), LLB(Hons)(Monash), PhD(Melb)

Associate Professor

Alex Pelilzzon

Dr Alessandro Pelizzon

LLB(Torino), LLM(Torino), PhD(UOW)

Senior Lecturer

Emma Babbage

Ms Emma Babbage

BArts(SCU), BEd(SCU), LLB(Hons)(SCU)

Casual Academic (Teaching)

Julia Cook

Ms Julia Cook

BA(Hons)(Murdoch), LLB(Hons)(Melb)

Casual Academic (Teaching)

Yvette Holt

Ms Yvette Holt

BA(Hons)(Syd), LLB(Hons)(Syd), LLM(Hons)(Camb)

Casual Academic (Teaching)

Lance Jones

Mr Lance Jones

AssocDipSocial Work(UniSA), BA(UNE), LLB(UNE), GradCert(OutdoorEd)(UniSA), LLM(LP)(ANU)

Casual Academic (Teaching), Adjunct Fellow

Aidan Ricketts

Mr Aidan Ricketts



Emma Somerville

Ms Emma Somerville

BA(Jurisprudence)(Adelaide), LLB(Adelaide), GradDipLegPrac(UniSA)

Casual Academic (Teaching)

Jonathan Harlen

Mr Jonathan Harlen

BA (VUW), LLB(Hons) (SCU)

Casual Academic (Teaching & Administration)

Warwick Fisher

Mr Warwick Fisher

BEd(JCU), BLegS(Macq)

Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)

Helen Walsh

Ms Helen Walsh

AssocDipBus(UNE), LLB(SCU), LLM(QUT)

Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)

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Practice Professors

The Practice Professorial Program in the Law Discipline at Southern Cross University fosters professional engagement and builds linkages between the Faculty and professional practice.

It does so by inviting accomplished and respected current or former legal practitioners to take up pro bono adjunct professorial roles and to work with the Faculty on relevant activities.

The program is a unique opportunity for the profession to influence the academic life of the Faculty, while also enabling staff and students to engage with leading local, national and international practitioners.


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