Prepare for your studies

Prepare for your studies

Nominate your exam centre

You will need to choose which exam centre you want to attend to sit your exams. If you relocate you will need to update your exam centre.

Log in to My Enrolment and click the Exams tab at the top of the page.

Click Exam Centre Change.

Choose and select an exam centre from the drop-down list and click Continue.

Register for classes

NOTE: Only required if you’re studying on-campus or need to attend residentials or intensives.

Timetables are available at in the weeks before study commences. Check the classes for each unit and plan a timetable that suits you. Now you are ready to register.

Log in to My Enrolment and click the Classes tab on top menu.

Click Register on the units that have requirements or you can choose to automate the process by selecting the clash-free timetable option.

Click the green plus (+) sign of the class you wish to register for and then click Save.

Confirm your class registration by checking the colour next to each enrolled unit. More information

You’ve successfully registered for all your available activities in each unit.

You have registered for some (but not all) of your available activities in each unit, or are waitlisted for one or more activities.

You either haven’t registered for any activities or the classes may not have opened yet.

Final preparations

There are some final activities you should aim to complete before you start your studies at SCU.

Check whether your course has any residential requirements. Search to find your course information page and check the Summary section on the left-hand side or the Schedule of Units under the Course Structure tab.

Check whether your course has any professional placement requirements. Refer to your school for any placement requirements.

To find what text books you need for your studies, search for units at and scroll down to the Prescribed texts information. You can order books from our on-campus bookshops, or buy new or used versions online.

Apply for your Student ID Card. Read the Terms and Conditions at before you submit your form.

Work through the Navigating SCU Systems module to get a grasp of the technology that you’ll use at Southern Cross University. Visit

Work through the New to Southern Cross University modules to understand what you can expect of life and study at Southern Cross University, available at

Sign up to the UniMentor Program if you’d like to connect with a second or third year student who is studying the same course as you and has all the experience and knowledge to help guide you through your first year. For More information visit

Plan for and attend Orientation. Orientation is a great way to meet new people, find out about your course before you start studying and get to know what services are available to you as a student at SCU. Visit for More information.

Still have questions?

If you have any queries, please email us at or call 1800 005 687.