Prepare for your studies

Prepare for your studiesPrepare for your studies

Register for classes

NOTE: All classes are scheduled and workshops are scheduled online. Class Registration is for students to self-select workshops, labs or residentials.

Remember, you must be enrolled in your unit(s) before you can register into classes. If you haven’t enrolled yet, you can enrol via My Enrolment.

If your unit has only one class scheduled (i.e. you have no choice about the days you attend classes) you will be automatically allocated to that class. You will notice that you have been registered into the class when your faculty classes are open for registration by checking your timetable in My Enrolment.

Timetables are available at www.scu.edu.au/timetables in the weeks before study commences. Check the classes for each unit and plan a timetable that suits you. Now you are ready to register. Download a PDF guide on How to Register Into Classes.

You’ve successfully registered for all your available activities in each unit.

You have registered for some (but not all) of your available activities in each unit, or are put on a wait-list for one or more activities.

You either haven’t registered for any activities or the classes may not have opened yet.

Final preparations

There are some final activities you should aim to complete before you start your studies at SCU.

Still have questions?

If you have any queries, please email us at enquiry@scu.edu.au or call 1800 005 687.

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