Accept your offer

Southern Cross University will email you a formal letter of offer. To accept your offer, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to My Enrolment using your student ID and password. Your login details are included in your offer letter. Tip: Mobile phones do not display the full screen. For best results use a computer or tablet to log into My Enrolment.
  2. Go to the Offers tab on the top menu.
  3. Click View next to the course you would like to accept, defer or decline. Available courses will state Offered under the Offer Status heading.
  4. Check that the offer details are correct. If anything is incorrect, please call us on 1800 005 687 before continuing. Full-time offer is the default offer. There is no need to change this to part-time and the study load is dictated by how many units you enrol in.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Accept.

My Enrolment is your online student record. Go to to log in.

Login details are included in your offer email. When you first log in you will be prompted to change your password. If you are unable to log in using the password detailed in your offer letter, please click Forgotten your login details?on the My Enrolment login screen and follow the steps.

If you’re having trouble logging in contact the Technology Services Service Desk for assistance on 1800 111 890 or email

Final checks

Are your contact details correct?

It’s important to check that your contact details are correct in My Enrolment. Click the Details tab (top-left) and select Contact Details on the left-hand menu.

Does your offer have conditions?

If your offer letter lists any specific conditions, those requirements will have to be met before you can complete your enrolment. Send required documents via email to or by mail to PO Box 157, Lismore NSW 2480.

What's next?

Follow these steps to manage your fees.

2. Arrange your fees

Offer options


Accept your offer if the offer details are correct and you intend to start studying at some point in the commencing year. You will have the option to choose your teaching period at a later date.


You can defer your offer until the next academic year if you are eligible. Check your offer to see what teaching period and year your course is due to start. You do not have to defer your offer if you are able to start your studies in any teaching period of your commencing year. Simply accept your offer now and enrol in that future teaching period. If you have already accepted your offer but wish to defer, please email

Southern Cross University will contact you regarding your deferred offer about three months before your new offer will commence. Please ensure your telephone and email address details are up to date. If you change your contact details please be sure to let us know by emailing or calling 1800 005 687.

Note: If you have applied through QTAC you must advise them that you have deferred your offer.


Decline your offer only if you do not intend to study this course at any point in the future. Investigate options to defer your offer if you are considering studying this course in the future.

Note: If you have applied through QTAC you must advise them that you have declined your offer.