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Your step-by-step guide

Selecting your units of study is the process of enrolling at Southern Cross University. Enrolment opens at least four months before your studies commence and activates your student account so you can access MySCU.

  • Start by choosing the subjects (units) outlined in your course progression. Make sure to plan your studies each year to ensure you take the rights units at the right time.
  • You can find your recommended units in the “Course Progression” section. This helps you know which units to choose for each year of your program. See more below.
  • Pay attention to unit codes; they indicate which year the units are for (e.g., 1000s for the first year, 2000s for the second year, and so on).
Course Progression: What you need to know

Course Progression is a recommended order of units for your program shown under the ‘Course Structure’ table on your chosen course page. It helps you complete foundational studies before advanced ones. It prevents knowledge gaps and timetable issues, ensuring on-time graduation. Patterns vary based on your specialisation, major, and course start date. Choose the one that matches your study needs.

For Course Progression advice, please contact Client Services on 1800 SC HELP / 1800 72 4357 or enquiry@scu.edu.au

Learn more about Course Progression

  • Log in to My Enrolment using your student ID and password.
  • Click the “Study Plans” tab in the top menu.
  • Select the course with “Admitted” status.
  • Choose your units and their locations using the drop-down options. Check the units on the right side of the screen.
  • Click “Enrol” at the bottom of the screen, then “Confirm” your choices.
  • Be aware of any enrolment warnings, such as prerequisites or placement information.
Selecting your first preferences: Keep in mind

Your top choice for unit, time, and place may not always be available. If it’s not, you won’t see any options to select; instead, you’ll get a message saying you can’t change the default availability. Don’t worry, you don’t have to choose the default; it’s just the only choice for the current academic year.

Download the how to enrol guide

  • Go to “Current enrolment” on the left-hand menu to review your enrolment and find the Census Date.
  • The Census Date is essential because it’s when your enrolment is finalised, and tuition fees are incurred. Withdrawing from units after this date can lead to academic and financial penalties.
After enrolment: What to expect

After enrolling in units, your SCU system accounts will be created overnight. Check your SCU email regularly for official correspondence. MySCU is your online learning environment, accessible using your SCU account login details.

Planning ahead: Get organised for the academic year
  • Southern Cross recommends that you plan your studies in advance for the entire academic year, including all teaching periods.
  • Manage your enrolment online in My Enrolment where you can make changes to your enrolled units, add new ones, or withdraw up until the start of each teaching period. Consider your available time and how many units you can handle.
  • Verify unit availability when planning by using the unit search to see when and where a specific unit is offered.
Learn more about managing your enrolment

Class Registration is for students to self-select tutorials, workshops, labs or residentials. Remember, you must enrol in your units through My Enrolment before registering for classes.

  • Check your timetable on the Timetables page before selecting classes that suit you.
  • Log in to My Enrolment and click the “Classes” tab on top menu.
  • Click “Register” on the units that have requirements or you can choose to automate the process by selecting the clash-free timetable option. If your unit has only one class scheduled, you’ll be automatically assigned to it.
    • Click the green plus (+) sign of the class you wish to register for and then click “Save”. Confirm your class registration by checking the coloured circle next to each enrolled unit.
      • Green: You’ve successfully registered for all available activities in each unit.
      • Yellow: You’ve registered for some activities but not all, or you're on a wait-list for some.
      • Red: You haven’t registered for any activities or the classes may not have opened yet.
Download the how to register into classes guide