Enrol in your units with My Enrolment

Select your units

Selecting your study units is the process of enrolling at Southern Cross University. Enrolment opens at least four months before your studies commence and activates your student account so you can access MySCU.

Consult your Course Progression to find out which units to enrol in. Find your course at scu.edu.au/courses, select the Course Structure tab and scroll down to Course Progression. Make a note of the specified units. More information


Find your course at scu.edu.au/courses, select the Course Structure tab and scroll down to Course Progression. Make a note of the specified units as these are the ones that you’ll need to choose within My Enrolment.

The units are not listed in the order in which you should enrol but every course has a suggested enrolment pattern. If you follow the suggested enrolment pattern you will complete the foundation units before you complete the advanced units and you will not run into any requisite knowledge issues or timetable problems — so you will be able to complete your studies on time.

Suggested enrolment patterns may differ depending upon the specialisation, stream or major you are undertaking and which teaching period you commence your course, so be sure to follow the one that matches your study needs.

Log in to My Enrolment using your student ID and password.

Click the Study Plans tab on the top menu.

Click Select next to the course with Admitted status.

Select the units and location you wish to study using the drop-down options. Place a tick in the checkbox next to the units found on the right-hand side of the screen. More information

Your first preference to study a unit in a specific teaching period and location may not be available. If this is the case the unit will not provide any drop-down options for you to select and will display a message stating “you are unable to change the availability from the default selected for you”.

Click Enrol at the bottom of the screen.

Click Confirm your enrolment.

Select Current enrolment on the left-hand menu to check your enrolment and Census Date. More information


Census Date is the date that your unit enrolment is finalised and you incur a tuition fee debt. If you’ve deferred your fees to the government via one of the HELP schemes, Census Date is when your enrolment is reported to the government. If you withdraw from a unit after Census Date you will incur the full cost of the unit and academic penalties.

Generate a proof of enrolment for your records by selecting Email my Enrolment Advice.

Get organised for the whole academic year

Southern Cross University recommends that you plan your studies in advance and enrol in units for the full academic year (all teaching periods).

You will be self-managing your enrolment online in My Enrolment and you can change your enrolled units, add more units or withdraw from units up until the start of each teaching period. Consider how much time you can allocate to your studies and how many units you can fit into your life.

Although a unit may be listed in your Course Progression as available in a certain teaching period, it is always a good idea to check the availability of a given unit when planning your studies. Visit scu.edu.au/units to see when and where a specific unit is offered.

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