Defer your offer

Check your General Offer Conditions to find out whether this option is available to you. Select an item to display more details about how to complete that step.

If you wish to delay the commencement of your course and you are eligible, you can defer your offer until the next academic year. Check your offer to see what study period and year your course is due to start. If you are able to start your studies in any study period of your commencing year, you do not have to defer your offer. Simply accept your offer now and enrol in that future study period.

What Happens when you defer your offer?

  • SCU will email you a new offer with the new commencing details. This email will be sent to you about three months before your new offer will commence. If your email address changes please be sure to let us know. Email

How to defer your offer

1. Get Access to My Enrolment

Before you can continue you will need to log in to My Enrolment (your online student record). Your My Enrolment login details are provided in your offer. The first time you log in to My Enrolment you will be prompted to change your password.

Can't log in? Select the "Forgotten your login details" link on the login screen and your password will be emailed to you.

Now that you are in My Enrolment, you must check your details.

Open My Enrolment (

2. Check Your Details

You will check that the information we have recorded about you is correct.

  1. Within My Enrolment select Details.
    Your personal details will be displayed.
  2. Check that the information we have recorded about you is correct.
    If any of these details are wrong, you will need to contact Student Services, our contact details are at the top of the My Details screen.
  3. Now click on Contact Details in the left-hand menu.
    Your addresses, phone and email details will be displayed.
  4. Check that the Contact details we have recorded for you are correct.
    It is very important that we can contact you about your studies and it is your responsibility to update your contact details in My Enrolment whenever they change. Follow the on-screen instructions to update your contact details.

Important: The contact details you provide will be used to create a new offer for you next year. Your My Enrolment password will allow you access to update these details throughout the year and accept your offer next year.

Now that you have checked your personal details, it's time to defer your offer in My Enrolment.

3. Defer Your Offer

  1. Within My Enrolment select Offers.
    The course(s) for which you have an offer will be displayed.
  2. Select View to display the offer details.
  3. Choose Defer at the bottom of the page.

Your request has been recorded.

Once you have completed these tasks, you have officially deferred your offer. Your new offer will be issued about three months prior to your new scheduled commencement date.

Important: If you applied through QTAC you must also advise them that you have deferred your offer. Use the link below to go there now.

Open the QTAC website (