Counselling for international students

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International students at all campuses have access to the full range of counselling services. Counsellors provide free and confidential assistance in person, by telephone, Zoom and email, including information, advice, referral and counselling for academic and personal issues. Counsellors aim to encourage academic success and to assist students to increase their enjoyment of study and University life, by helping to reduce the effects of stress and anxiety that may be caused by issues like:

  • Adjustment to university
  • Study
  • Personal or family pressure
  • Homesickness or loneliness

Phone 1800 111 890 and ask for the Counselling reception at the campus closest to your current location to request an initial appointment in-person or by phone/Zoom or email counselling@scu.edu.au


A common experience for international students is to miss their home country, family and friends. Here are some ideas to help manage your longing for home:

  • Talk to other new students
  • Write down things you have found interesting or enjoyable
  • Be encouraging of yourself
  • Get to know a few people well
  • Focus on the opportunities
  • Seek information and explore your new environment
  • Keep busy with healthy and fun activities — remember to move your body regularly!
  • Chat with family and friends from home about your new experiences
  • Decorate your new room
  • Plan a date to go home
  • Get lots of sleep
  • Make food from home
  • Remember it’s ok to be homesick and talk to someone about it
  • Reassure yourself that your feelings will change with time
  • Check out the

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