Elite Athletes and Performers

SCU, an Elite Athlete Friendly University

The EAFU program supports Australia’s elite athletes to achieve academic excellence whist pursuing a sporting career. The value of combining both sport and higher education to achieve greater life success is well recognised across the university and sporting sectors.

At SCU, elite athletes may require additional support to maintain their sporting excellence and our Elite Athlete and Performer Program has been designed to support and encourage students in managing both areas of their life to ensure that they can achieve their goals.

Benefits of the Elite Athlete and performer program

Bonus points for admissions

SCU may offer points to new applicants. This will add to your entry score for admission to SCU depending on the performance level achieved and the recognition granted to the sport and its governing body. This is in recognition of competitive commitments which may have impacted your high school academic performance and to assist you in gaining entry into your chosen course at SCU.

Academic Support

As a member of the Elite Athlete and Performer Program, you may seek to negotiate your study schedule, including timetables and assessment with your unit assessor-in-charge (and/or course coordinator). Your applications for assistance with academic adjustments will be supported (where evidenced) by the Elite Athlete and Performer Program Coordinators. In addition to this you can receive support from the academic skills unit and career guidance services.


Elite Athlete: An Elite Athlete is defined as someone who has been identified as elite by one of the following organisations:

  • Australian Institute of Sport
  • State Institutes or Academies of Sport (e.g. NSWIS)
  • AFL Players’ Association
  • Australian Cricketers’ Association
  • Rugby Union Players’ Association
  • Rugby League Professionals’ Association
  • Australian professional Footballers Association
  • National senior squad members from ACE supported sports

Elite Performer : An Elite Performer is defined as someone who participates in significant state, national or international performances, productions, installations, competitions or events such as those affiliated with, but not limited to:

  • Orchestra
  • Opera
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Theatre
  • Film
  • Television

Applying for the Elite Athlete and Performer Program

Students must complete and submit an online application direct to the Elite Athlete and Performer Coordinators. In this application you will need to provide supporting documentation from your national or state high performance unit or coach as evidence of your sporting endeavours to be considered for this program:

Financial support

The Elite Athlete and Performer Program is a Student Engagement and Services initiative to support student athletes and performers outside the academic (EAFU) scheme.

Direct Athlete and Performer financial Support

Student Athletes are able to apply for once off additional funding of up to $500 to assist with travel and accommodation when competing at elite sporting events. NB: or up to $1000 if selected in a World University Games or Championship Team). This financial assistance will be given at the discretion of the university upon application with supporting documentation of approaching competition.

Australian University Games Subsidies

Elite Athletes or Performers may be entitled to subsidised fees for representing SCU at national and international events endorsed by Australian University Sport.

Important points before applying for the Elite Athlete and Performer Program financial support:-

    • Have confirmation of your Elite Athlete status in SCU’s Elite Athlete Program.
    • Ensure that you have all supporting documentation including, letter of selection, competition/event details , indication of any player levy/cost associated with being part of this team.
    • Are willing to provide a high quality photo that SCU may use for promotional purposes.

SCU Gym Scholarship

12 month Gym Scholarship to the University’s Fitness Centre “SCU Fitness for U” (Lismore and Coffs Harbour campuses only)

Elite Athlete and Performer Coordinators

Current Elite Athletes

Some of our Elite Athletes who have benefitted from the SCU Elite Athlete Program over the last 12 months include:

Elite Athletes - Moesha Johnson — Swimming
Moesha Johnson — Swimming
Elite Athletes - Tammy McMillan
Tammy McMillan — Baseball
Elite Athletes - Mitchell James
Mitchell James — Surfing
Elite Athletes - Matthew Slee
Matthew Slee — Cyclist
Elite Athletes - Shelley Watts
Shelley Watts — Boxing

Elite Athletes and Performers Program enquiry and contact

For further information, contact:

Telephone: 02 6620 3220
Email: unilife@scu.edu.au