Professional experience requirements

Professional experience requirements

As part of your journey towards becoming a teacher, you will need to meet some professional requirements. Once you have passed your coursework and have met the legal and ethical requirements for professional experience you will be able to start your professional experience.

As a condition of any type of professional experience - including placement, volunteering, laboratory work, research, or community-engaged learning - you are required to provide evidence of your compliance and health protection before participating in any of these activities. Note:

  • Student compliance is a mandatory, legislative and regulatory requirement;
  • To be able to attend placement, you must be compliant; and
  • You must meet the requirements of both Southern Cross University and the external organisation. This will ensure the safety of yourself and others
  1. Students are required to have a Working with Children Check (WWCC) or equivalent for the relevant state or territory
    South Wales
    Australian Capital Territory
    Northern Territory
    South Australia
    Western Australia
  2. Students are required to complete and pass the LANTITE (literacy and numeracy test) prior to enrolling in their second professional experience unit. Please note, this does not apply to students enrolled in the Graduate Diploma in Education (Early Childhood).
  3. Confirm professional experience dates. See the Professional Experience Calendar.
  4. Organise work and family commitments around these professional experience dates.
  5. Read the Faculty of Education Professional Experience Requirements.  
  6. Enrol in the relevant Professional Experience unit.
  7. Complete the online Anaphylaxis Training and keep a scanned copy of the certificate.
  8. Complete the Child Protection Awareness Training – Induction (CPAT) online and keep a scanned copy of the certificate.
  9. Complete the Child Protection Training – Update (completely annually) online and keep a scanned copy of the certificate.
  10. Complete the relevant placement forms located on the Professional Experience Student Centre at MySCU and SONIA online
  11. Upload all of the forms and Mandatory Placement Checks to SONIA Online by the required date.
  12. Obtain the placement once placements are released.
  13. Study information online about your assigned school or centre.
  14. Commence your professional experience during the required dates, see the Professional Experience Calendar.
  15. Engage with the school community and work with your mentor to gain vital teaching experience.
  16. Successfully complete the professional experience placement, meeting the requirements of the final professional experience report. 

Frequently asked questions

Teacher education students often have questions about professional experience. These Frequently asked questions have been designed to help students to make informed decisions about their placements. Further queries can be emailed to [email protected].

The Pathway to professional experience

The first step of your professional experience is to read through the professional experience handbook. It will give you all the information you need to know before starting your placement.

Professional Experience Handbook

The following pathway to professional experience has been designed to assist students to successfully navigate the process of applying and being ready for a school/centre placement.