TeachLab research candidates

Current research candidates

Frances Barr

Thesis: Identifying how the maths education perspectives and recommendations of students experiencing mild and moderate intellectual disabilities can be used to increase inclusive teaching and learning practices

Interests: Frances is She is passionate about promoting inclusivity and quality improvement for all

Frances Barr - one page profile

Frances Barr

Verity Beames

Thesis: Graduate to Proficient: How Principals Evaluate Evidence Using the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

Interests: A passionate and creative educator who has worked across continents and roles, hoping to make a ‘real’ and positive difference to teachers and students each day.

Verity Beames - one page profile

Verity Beames

Patrick Bruck

Thesis: Improving the proportional reasoning skills of students.

Interests: Patrick's research is in the area of Mathematics Education, specifically the teaching of proportional reasoning in Australian schools.


Patrick Bruck

Phil Chambers

Thesis: Understanding vocational teachers’ perceptions of quality teaching 

InterestsMy unique career pathway has allowed me to synergise the fields of Business Improvement, Theatre for Communication and Vocational (Adult) Education

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Phil Chambers

Paul Fradale

Thesis: The impacts on teaching practice when a school introduces an initiative designed to embed the concept of ‘Blended Learning’ into classrooms.

Interests: blended learning-aligned pedagogy, Knowledge Transfer theory, the theory of The Pedagogic Device, and Motivation theory

Paul Fradale - one page profile

Paul Fradale

Silvia Handayani

Thesis: An Investigation of Heutagogical Teacher Training In Indonesia

Interests: Silvia’s research interest is on investigating heutagogy approach within the learning process. 

Silvia Mariah Handayani - one page profile

Silvia Handayani

Michael Hepi

Thesis: What do stakeholders say about leadership of teacher and parent partnerships in STEM science in a NSW primary school

Research Interests: STEM, authentic partnerships between stakeholders, lived and told stories

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Michael headshot

Matthew Hodge

Thesis: Developing collective teacher efficacy in rural Queensland secondary schools.

Interests: How rural secondary schools overcome the factors that hinder the development of collective teacher efficacy as a means of improving student achievement.

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Matthew Hodge

Carl Hotko

Thesis: Teaching while the black dogs bark: Understanding the vicarious trauma experienced by Queensland secondary teachers in a digitally saturated age

Interests: His passion is teacher well being and supporting his colleagues within an exhausted profession has led to his research into vicarious trauma experiences

Carl Hotko - one page profile

Carl Hotko

Catherine Lembke

Thesis: The impact of a short-term international cultural immersion program pre- service teachers’ competence in the culturally diverse classroom.



Cathy Lembke

Janeen Silcock

Thesis: Dancing in the rain-a case study of school leadership 

Interests: Supporting principals in leading the establishment of new schools

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Natalie Sunner

Thesis: Policy to Practice: A critical analysis of 21st century curriculum policy enactment in regional and remote Queensland secondary schools.

Research interests: The field of education policy enactment for teachers working in disparate and diverse regional and remote communities.

Natalie Sunner - one page profile

Natalie headshot