Turn-around times and reporting

COVID-19 response and its effect on Turn-around Times

EAL has implemented splift shifts to reduce the number of staff in the lab and the chance of virus transmission across all staff. We are working longer days to compensate for this. While we are working hard to meet our regular turn-around times and urgency requests, there may be some delays. Agricultural soil testing will return to one batch a week with soil batching until Monday afternoon for same week Friday reporting.

Standard Turn-around Times

Turn-around times for individual projects will vary depending on the size and complexity of the task. However, most jobs will be completed within a standard turn-around time of 5-10 working days. For some tests this can be reduced through the application of an urgency surcharge.

The following outlines the expected turn-around times for most jobs:

Sample type:

 Arrival:Reporting Day:
Plants (2 batches/week)

Monday - Tuesday

Wednesday - Friday



Soil, agricultural Weekly batch cut-off Monday afternoon Friday same week


Sample type:Results reported in working days from arrival:
Acid sulfate soil and rock 3-5
Compost, basic 5-10
Compost, mulch and landscape soils by Australian Standards 10-15
Fertilisers, solid and liquid 5-10
Potting mix by Australian Standards 5-10
Physical soil parameters 7-10
Soil 5-10
Water, waste water and effluent 2-7


Sample receipt notices, results and invoices are supplied by email. They may be posted or faxed on request.

Reports are supplied in excel and pdf format. Analytical results are reported relative to standard guidelines, where available.