Work integrated learning

A nursing student in a health lab at the Southern Cross University Gold Coast campus

What is work integrated learning?

Work integrated learning (WIL) is an important and exciting part of your Health degree! This term is used to describe a range of approaches that integrate theory with practice in supervised real-world environments, including placement, practicum, professional practice, field education, simulation and laboratories.

This learning is structured and allows you to apply and refine knowledge and skills learned in foundational units. Your WIL units offer the opportunity to develop your professional behaviours and competencies in accordance with accreditation and industry standards.

Our WIL programs are designed in consultation with industry to ensure you are well-prepared for what your future profession needs. We have well established relationships across the health and community sectors, intended to provide ideal learning opportunities as well as the chance to begin building workplace relationships and career networks.

Further information for academic staff can be found here.

Who is the Work Integrated Learning Unit?

The Faculty of Health Work Integrated Learning (WIL) unit specialise in supporting students to become fit to practice (FTP) and coordinating WIL.

The FTP team support and equip you with the tools needed to prepare you to be fit for placement. If you have questions regarding your mandatory FTP requirements, you are encouraged to contact the FTP team for assistance.

Our WIL coordinators are involved in all stages of allocation throughout your degree and can provide information and advice on your WIL queries.

We are all here to help you with any questions that you have.

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1. Know your course FTP requirements

  • You will have different FTP requirements due at various times during your course
  • Upload each piece of evidence to Sonia as soon as you have it available
  • To be eligible to attend WIL you must meet both your university course requirements and any further requirements attached to the site you are allocated.
Fit to practice requirements

2. Log into Sonia

  • Sonia is the the university's WIL management system
  • Use your university single sign on username and password
  • Navigate to the Checks tab and read the instructions for uploading your evidence
  • For more detailed information about Sonia, please visit our FAQs

3. Understand WIL within your course

Review your course progression or contact Client Services to understand when you are expected to enrol in a WIL unit within your course. 

Course specific information