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Welcome to the Faculty of Health

The COVID pandemic has thrown the work of our healthcare practitioners into the spotlight. Now more than ever we need a health workforce that is keenly attuned to the needs of local communities, with a global focus on practice and learning.

At the Faculty of Health at Southern Cross University, we are deeply committed to tackling the issues that are closest to home and to training of the highest standard for the professionals our communities need. At the same time, we realise our potential to contribute on the world stage.

Our research aspires to influence global healthcare, building on our strengths to generate new knowledge and to drive practice forward into the future.

Professor Julie Jomeen, Executive Dean, Faculty of Health

 Video transcript

Professor, thanks for your time. We've gone through a very hard year, but it's now 2021 and we're setting our sights on the future. What does the future hold for your portfolio?

We've clearly seen a year where health has been prominent and at the forefront of everybody's mind. But in terms of our faculty, we're here to deliver the healthcare workforce of the future and be part of workforce solutions for the region in particular, but also obviously, to deliver workforce more nationally and globally.

We're training practitioners now to be global practitioners, not just to be trained to deliver healthcare in their local region. We're training healthcare professionals across a whole host of professional groups. So nursing, midwifery, and a number of allied health professions, including occupational therapy, podiatry, pedorthics, osteopathy, speech pathology. So we're covering a wide range of professions and delivering healthcare workforce into those professional disciplines moving forward.

So I was going to ask you, so from a personal point of view, what sort of impacts do you bring to the table that might not have been there before, for instance?

you can hear from my accent that I'm not from this part of the world. I've recently relocated to Australia, so I bring, I suppose, a global perspective. I bring an international perspective from another country in the world, where of course, there are many things that are similar, but there are also things that we can learn, both ways. There's things that I can bring with me from my UK experience that hopefully, just a different perspective on things.

And I guess as a faculty of health within that, we've got a huge part to play in that, issues of connected communities. Health is embedded in the community, without a shadow of a doubt.

And many of our students are embedded in those communities and are rarely able to make a difference, not just by the shift that they go and do every day, but by the way they contribute to those communities.

After they've graduated in five years time, for instance, how would you like their peers and employers to look upon those graduates?

I want them to look at them as really competent, high calibre practitioners, I want them to look at them as practitioners who are fit for healthcare of the future and I want them to look at them as advocates of SCU as students who can really feel that they've been given a really solid, strong grounding in their careers, because I want them to be leaders of the future.

Professor Thanks very much for your time.

Thank you.

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