Course Progression

Each course at SCU has a Course Progression

To find out which units you should enrol in for each teaching period for the whole year, read the following steps below.

* A course progression is the list of units (subjects) you plan to study for the current year.

2024 Course Progression

  1. Visit Course Options and locate your course
  2. Open the Course Requirements section of the course page
  3. At the bottom of the page is a button titled Course Progressions which will show you suggested enrolment by teaching period.

See also the video below showing How to find your Course Progression

Find your course

2024 Course Progression in for courses in teach-out

  1. Visit the SCU Handbook website and the course in the year you commenced
  2. At the bottom of the page is a section titled Course Progressions which will show you suggested enrolment by teaching period.

Once you know which unit to enrol in

See Enrolling in units

This video is a guide to assist you with finding your Course Progression at Southern Cross University. 

A Course Progression is a suggested enrolment pattern. We always recommend that you follow the enrolment pattern, that way you will complete the foundation units before you complete the advanced units and you will not run in to any pre-requisite knowledge issues or timetable problems. 

If you are unable to follow the Course Progression for any reason, we recommend you contact us, the Client Services Team to discuss the best path for you. [email protected]

Your next step is to find your Course Progression. Your Course Progression will guide you when selecting units to enrol in.

  1. To find your Course Progression start on the Southern Cross University home page (, and navigate to the search bar to find your course.
  2. Type your course name or course code if you know it in the search box. You can click from the options that appear or click find a course.
  3. Click on your course. Ensure that you are choosing the relevant year that you start studying.
  4. Scroll down the course information page, select 'Course Requirements' and then scroll down until you see the Course Structure heading. Here you can see the Schedule of Units for your course.
  5. Click on ‘Course progressions’ under the Course Structure heading.
  6. Choose the Course Progression option for your commencement. If you are studying in Session 1, 2 or 3 there is a guided Course Progression for that study period.
  7. Make a note of the specified units for enrolment. These are the units that you will choose when you head to your My Enrolment page to enrol.

You can click the link for each unit, you will be able to find out more information about the unit and the content you will be learning including prescribed texts, unit availability and pre-requisite information. This is really handy when choosing elective unit/s.

The Course Requirements tab for your course has some really useful information. If you are commencing study with Southern Cross University from 2021 it is likely that you will be required to choose your major or specialisation option in your Study Plan first before you can enrol in to units.

This is where you can find out whether you are required to choose a Major or Specialisations as part of your course and what options are available to you. Each drop-down shows you which units you will study as part of that Major or Specialisation. Once you have decided and are ready to enrol you can refer to the How to add a Major or Minor Video for assistance with the next step.

If you commenced study in a year earlier than listed on the web, this next video is a guide to assist you to find your Course Progression.

  1. You can find your Course Progression by going to the Handbook link above the Course Requirements tab.
  2. Use the 'Choose a year' drop-down to find the year that you commenced your study and then locate and click on your course.
  3. You will be able to find your Course Requirements and Course Progression by clicking on these titles from the left-hand side menu bar.

This video is prepared by Client Services within Student Administration Services at Southern Cross University.
If you require any assistance after watching this video please feel free to contact us. [email protected]